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Which FIMRC Virtual Program is Best for Me?

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From learning how to make a traditional dish in the Philippines to observing primary care consults at Project Alajuelita, Costa Rica, we offer you a once-in-a-lifetime virtual volunteer opportunity to learn about global health and to serve the medically underserved.

Are you interested in the field of global health but don’t know where to begin? FIMRC offers a variety of virtual volunteer programs that invite you to get involved in the area of global health practices. Our virtual volunteer programs are tailored to your needs, and with multiple programs to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your schedule.  

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 2.35.36 PM.png


For the hardworking individual interested in working independently, learning about FIMRC project sites and global health, & making a difference.

This program is FIMRC’s most flexible option and is best for those who may have full-time jobs or are full-time students. If you’re a full-time medical student, a practicing nurse, or even a healthcare professional looking to learn more about the field of global health with the limited time you have, this program is for you.

FIMRC’s Virtual Global Health Volunteer Experience allows you to dive deeper into the world of global health, work hands-on with FIMRC project sites, all while meeting your scheduling needs as this program takes place on a weekly basis. Therefore, your only commitment is to the week or weeks that you choose to participate. During this program, volunteers will have the opportunity to select one of FIMRC’s project sites and work with on-site staff to develop a project that directly impacts site initiatives and the communities where we work. In addition to this program, volunteers are given the option to add on FIMRC’s Virtual Clinical Observation Opportunities, in which you will be able to virtually observe patient consultations at our project sites in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Ecuador. To learn more about FIMRC’s Virtual Global Health Volunteer Experience, visit here.

Anconcito Ecuador .jpg


For the passionate individual interested in working with other like-minded individuals, diving into global health topics, and making a difference.

This program is best for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Medical students who can commit to a minimum of 20 hours of work a week and are looking for a hands-on experience that they may not be able to obtain anywhere else. This program could also be used toward an internship credit at select colleges and universities. This fellowship gives a more in-depth view of the world of global health. It is an intensive program that requires a four-week minimum of participation.

The Virtual Global Health Fellowship comes with either a live option or a self-paced option to participate in and are both 4-weeks in duration. The live option will have each participant log on weekly to interactive discussions via Zoom, while the self-paced option allows participants to view the pre-recorded sessions at their convenience. Those who participate in this program will gain an in-depth look at the world of global health, work alongside other fellows from around the world, discuss medical case studies, cover various global health topics, and contribute to a FIMRC project site of their choice while collaborating with FIMRC staff. To learn more about FIMRC’s Virtual Global Health Fellowship, visit here.

ecuador Stefy hike view.png


For the ambitious high school student interested in exploring careers in the healthcare field and international development, and in making a difference.

This program was designed specifically for high school students. This four-week program is more flexible than the Virtual Global Health Fellowship and gives a detailed look into the different career paths offered in the field of global health, rather than global health itself.

The Virtual Global Health Leadership Training also comes with the option of either live or self-paced participation. Participants will learn about different global health career opportunities with a weekly discussion held by professionals in the field. They will also work with FIMRC staff on a volunteer project and gain a general overview of our project sites and communities. To learn more about FIMRC’s Virtual Global Health Leadership Training, visit here.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Costa Rica)_2.jpeg


For a university or school interested in creating a custom virtual program for a group of students: high school, undergraduate, or graduate.

FIMRC works alongside individuals as well as colleges and universities to provide students with volunteer experiences. Our Virtual Global Health Training is a custom program for colleges and universities to offer their students access to the world of global health training. FIMRC will work with you to create a tailored program that fits your school’s needs. This certificate program is designed to be integrated into college and university students’ existing curriculum with a required 2-week minimum and can also vary in dates and length depending on university requirements and needs. 

Previously, FIMRC has worked with both Clemson University and King’s College to provide students with this Virtual Volunteer Experience. If you’re a student interested in the field of global health and believe our program would be a good fit for your school, have your professor or faculty member contact us today.

Interested in volunteering abroad or participating in our virtual programs? Check them out below!

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