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Virtual Summer Travel

blog fimrc chapters virtual programs May 05, 2021

Explore The World With Virtual Chapter Trips

Are you itching to travel again and in search of a way to connect with other members of your chapter and with communities across the globe? FIMRC is now offering a Virtual Chapter Trip program exclusively to FIMRC Chapters for summer, inviting you to build connections with project sites, connect with FIMRC site staff and community members, and make a difference in global health. What’s exciting about this summer’s program is that while you will be enjoying world travel from the comfort of your home, we urge you to get outside and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine while engaging with FIMRC from your laptop.

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Take part in FIMRC’s Virtual Chapter Trip and learn about global health challenges and current project site operations through readings, videos, and discussions with our project site staff. Participants will also have the opportunity to work on a volunteer project that directly benefits a FIMRC site while also bonding with fellow chapter members immersed in the field of global health and medically underserved communities worldwide. 

Participants will learn about FIMRC’s specially tailored programs, including clinical activities, health education, and special initiatives. For example, suppose you’re learning about Project Alajuelita, Costa Rica. In that case, you’ll learn about programs conducted for community members, such as psychological assessment services, nutrition and cooking classes, art therapy, yoga instruction, and more. This way, when travel opens back up and you’re able to visit Project Alajuelita in-person, you’ll know your way around the country, community, and culture.

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Learn About FIMRC Communities: 

With project sites around the world, Chapter members will have the chance to immerse themselves in the culture of various FIMRC communities from Costa Rica and Uganda to the Dominican Republic and Peru. Participants will learn about the many facets of global health, including community outreach, cultural practices, nutrition and food, social engagement, and more.

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Hear What People Are Saying:

“Thank you very much for developing such an incredible Virtual Chapter Trip for our FIMRC members. We all enjoyed the sessions very much and are fortunate to have been involved in engaging discussions about various medical and social issues led by the FIMRC staff. As somebody who volunteered in Costa Rica in-person last January, this virtual week of service provided me with such an eye-opening background of the site and important context to help me better understand the essence of global health and the impact of our service. For our members who will hopefully be volunteering in-person next year if conditions improve, they will undoubtedly have such an enriching experience, especially having been given the opportunity to learn about the site and reflect on all its relevant matters beforehand. I'm looking forward to future service trips, and I thank you and all of the FIMRC staff for putting this program together!” ~ Nesreen, Harvard FIMRC Chapter

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Virtual Chapter Trip Includes: 

  •  Readings, videos, and discussions with on-site staff about the current health problems at each project site. 

  • Work on a volunteer project for one of FIMRC’s project sites.

  • Shadow physicians for primary care consults, pharmacy and psychological observations. 

  •  2 additional custom sessions chosen by your chapter.

  •  Immerse yourself in the culture of a FIMRC project site and learn about the community, traditions, food, language, and more! 

How To Organize A Chapter Trip: 

FIMRC is offering 1-2 week long Virtual Chapter Trips during summer break for participating FIMRC Chapters. If you or your chapter is interested, email [email protected] or visit fimrc.org/chapters for more information.  

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Ready To Travel?

Get ready to dust off your passport! Sign up for travel alerts and be the first to know when FIMRC opens up travel for volunteers by emailing [email protected]

Interested in volunteering abroad or participating in our virtual programs? Check them out below!

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