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Virtual Global Health Fellowship

blog foundations in global health virtual programs Jun 10, 2021


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The best way to immerse yourself in FIMRC’s culture and community is by joining our Virtual Global Health Fellowship. This program focuses on a different global health topic every week while also taking you through the various FIMRC project sites. 

The Virtual Global Health Fellowship program is divided into three sessions, each running four weeks long. With no obligation to complete all three, you can dive into the world of global health at your own pace while making lifelong connections along the way. Sessions I and II of the fellowship provide a foundation for the world of global health. After completing both sessions, participants can continue to build upon this foundation in Session III by selecting from one of our 12 tracks highlighting a global health topic such as maternal and child health, nutrition, racism and healthcare, and much more.

Each session and track of our Virtual Global Health Fellowship is offered in both a live format (four to five live discussions weekly) and a self-paced format (pre-recorded content), so you can choose one that best fits your schedule. Both options present the same information and are the same length, but offer different levels of flexibility and interaction with peers and staff. 

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About Session I: 

During Session I, you’ll gain an extensive introduction to global health while learning about topics like public and community health and social determinants of health at FIMRC project sites in Peru, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, and Uganda. Learn from case studies covering prevalent health topics in these areas including, anemia, diabetes and hypertension, tuberculosis, and work cohesively on a volunteer project dedicated to a FIMRC site that will help our communities worldwide. 

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About Session II: 

After you’ve completed Session I, you can continue the Fellowship by jumping into Session II. During Session II, you’ll continue to expand upon your knowledge of global health while learning more about topics such as global mental health and gender and health at FIMRC project sites in Nicaragua, El Salvador, India, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. Learn from case studies covering prevalent health topics in these areas including, pneumonia, preeclampsia, and mental health, and work cohesively on a volunteer project dedicated to a FIMRC site that will help our communities around the world. During Session II, you’ll also gain insight into incorporating these global health topics in your future career path from experts in the field. 


Session III – Choose Your Track(S) 

Similar to Sessions I and II, each FIMRC track is four weeks long and was created to expand your knowledge of global health by diving deeper into a specific topic. Participants will leave having learned to address the needs of medically underserved populations worldwide while connecting with fellow volunteers and experts in the field. There are 12 tracks to choose from, and you’re invited to participate in all of them! With a wide variety of topic-specific tracks, you’re sure to find one or more that you’re interested in joining.

Track 1: Maternal and Child Health

Track 2: Mosquito-Borne Illnesses

Track 3: Environmental Health 

Track 4: Infectious Diseases (diarrheal diseases, TB, hepatitis, typhoid) 

Track 5: Nutrition

Track 6: Chronic Diseases 

Track 7: Program Development 

Track: 8: Global Health Management 

Track 9: Vaccinations and Immunizations 

Track 10: Racism and Healthcare

Track 11: Epidemic and Pandemic Preparation and Response

Track 12: Medication and Pharmacy Operations

FIMRC tracks invite you to learn about the wide variety of factors that affect health in various forms while you review and discuss real-world case studies as they pertain to a specific FIMRC region.  

Hear What People Are Saying:

“I’ve always been interested in global health, but wasn’t sure exactly what that looked like around the world. Through the fellowship, I’ve gained a lot of insight into not only what it looks like to serve abroad, but also all of the factors that go into it. I knew that there was more outside of just medicine that involved working in global health, but the fellowship really affirmed this and allowed us to dive deep into those topics. I found all of the discussions and readings very thought-provoking and informative, and I know I will take the lessons learned from the fellowship into my career in medicine. I also really enjoyed the clinical experiences and am very thankful to have the chance to take part in those as my shadowing plans for the summer have been put on hold.” ~ Maggie C.

“This course was an introduction to public and global health for me, since I did not have much experience with it in the past. I really learned a lot from doing the readings and discussions with FIMRC staff. I feel like I have a good foundation and overview of global health to be able to come volunteer at one of the sites in the future, and really understand what the goals of the site are. I enjoyed working on a project that will benefit one of the clinics, and being able to work with one of my peers, and Tatiana and Dr. Patricia. Overall, I had a great experience and enjoyed meeting all of the FIMRC staff, and look forward to bringing what I learned back to my college chapter, and hopefully being able to come volunteer at one of the sites in the future.” ~ Hannah D. 

Learn More: 

Are you interested in diving into the world of global health? Email [email protected] to learn how you can get started today.

Interested in volunteering abroad or participating in our virtual programs? Check them out below!

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