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The Lasting Impact Of Menstrual Health

costa rica fimrc partnerships menstrual health project alajuelita saalt Apr 06, 2022

Partners are a vital part of accomplishing FIMRC’s mission, and through our partnership with Saalt we are empowering individuals, improving gender equality, and breaking down social stigmas regarding menstrual health. Saalt donates 2% of their revenue to donate period care to regions with the most need, and helps to fund initiatives in menstrual health, education, and sustainability. Over the past few years, Saalt has donated over 50 Saalt Menstrual Cups to FIMRC’s Project Alajuelita, Costa Rica and Project Bududa, Uganda. According to Saalt, “access to period care products and facilities has impacts that go far beyond the classroom, which is why Saalt invests in communities through product donations as well as projects supporting clean water facilities like latrines and boreholes.” We have seen the impact that period care products can have not only on menstrual health, but total health and well-being. 


A community member from Project Alajuelita, Luz Marina, is a 43-year-old patient coming to the FIMRC clinic for abnormal uterine bleeding and gastrointestinal problems including chronic constipation directly related to diet. Luz was unable to buy fruits and vegetables due to the high cost of sanitary pads, spending approximately $40 a month for her period care. We were able to give her a Saalt cup, and provide education on menstrual health and care. “Now Luz is going to invest in her health, she will be able to buy more nutrients and food for her day to day thanks to having the menstrual cup” stated FIMRC physician Dr. Karen Wedel. It is stories like these that show how interconnected health is and the importance of providing resources, empowering women, and providing solutions can make a lasting impact. 


We are so grateful for our partnership with Saalt and the impact that we can have by working together throughout FIMRC’s project sites. We are hopeful to get more Saalt cups and Saalt wear to additional project sites this year, continuing to impact the communities where we work.

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