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Inspiration from FIMRC Chapter Executive Board

blog chapters costa rica india professional development project alajuelita project kodaikanal virtual volunteer volunteer Oct 04, 2021

FIMRC Chapters have always been a key reinforcement in accomplishing FIMRC’s mission through their pillars: volunteering, fundraising, and advocating on behalf of FIMRC. Many chapters continued their support throughout the academic year of 2020, despite its hectic uncertainty within their own schedules, and we are deeply grateful for their commitment. Their hope, dedication, and perseverance to continue supporting FIMRC throughout the pandemic are inspiring. This academic year kicked off with our FIMRC Fall Chapter Conference, in which chapters connected from around the world to brainstorm and learn updates about FIMRC’s operations globally. We are excited to see what this year brings in new passion, fervor, and endeavors to ensure FIMRC continues to work towards achieving access to healthcare for low-resource communities. To highlight a few participants of the participants and Executive Board members from various FIMRC chapters, below you can see that FIMRC chapters are in great hands.





Haley joined her FIMRC chapter, IMED, her sophomore year of college. She began serving on the E-Board in 2020, and now is President of the chapter. “I first became interested in joining my FIMRC chapter because of the wide range of opportunities within a single club... I had never had the opportunity to volunteer beyond the local level prior to discovering the club and hearing all of the incredible stories and memories from different chapter members really solidified my choice to join.” As she studies to become a pediatric nurse, she explains that FIMRC’s emphasis on education and participation at the community level are goals she hopes to incorporate into her own practice one day. And while professional development is a large benefit of participating in FIMRC’s Chaptership Program, her favorite part is the people. She is “grateful for the wonderful and lifelong friends I have made through this organization, [and]  for those in communities outside my own that I would not have been able to meet if it weren’t for IMED.” Haley’s passion for FIMRC’s mission is unyielding. She explains, ‘Supporting FIMRC and their mission is important to me because children have the power to change the world. By supporting FIMRC, we help to support families and expand healthcare access and education that allows kids in various communities and countries to grow up to be strong leaders and accomplish their dreams.” 




Brian Dineen.png

Brian joined his FIMRC chapter at the University of Notre Dame his freshman year, and has served as Co-President for the past two years. In the unexpected year of 2020, Brian participated in one of FIMRC’s virtual volunteer programs, focusing on Project Alajuelita, Costa Rica. In addition to his project on psychopathology education materials, he most enjoyed, “learning about the culture of FIMRC and the emphasis on connecting to the communities that [FIMRC] serves.” Brain takes his leadership role seriously, and one of his favorite parts of being Co-President is inspiring underclassmen to join FIMRC and support the mission, spreading his passion for global health. He explains the importance of supporting FIMRC “because all of the work that FIMRC does is important, especially now as the world tries to move past the COVID-19 pandemic.” As he applies to medical school, his experience with FIMRC has reinforced his desire to work in medically underserved communities; he will continue to apply the lessons learned throughout his professional career. 




Alex joined his FIMRC chapter at Temple his sophomore year, and now leads on the Executive Board as the Marketing & Advertising Officer. His initial motivation to join the chapter was due to its mission in supporting low-resource communities; Alex is passionate about serving and loved the idea of supporting an organization that contributed globally. He maintains that he sees his values align closely with those of FIMRC: contributing to your community. He’s focused on this goal throughout the past two years, most notably in supporting the Philadelphia community through packaging meals for the homeless and creating a cleaner environment by picking up trash and used needles around the city. While he has not been able to volunteer with FIMRC at a project site, he did participate in a Virtual Chapter Trip to Project Kodaikanal, India through FIMRC’s virtual programs. Despite it being virtual, Alex, “really loved how we got to learn about the different communities’ culture and…how immersive it was.” As a hopeful MD/PdD, Alex explains that, “FIMRC is helping me towards my goal, because it’s helping shine a light on how inaccessible adequate healthcare is to many and so it’s important that we make sure everyone is heard/receives quality care so that they can live healthier lives.”

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