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From FIMRC Health Promoters to Nursing Assistants

careers in global health community stories ecuador project anconcito Mar 09, 2022

FIMRC’s Health Promoter Program at Project Anconcito, Ecuador is designed for high-school aged youth where students learn about health issues in their community while developing the ability to educate fellow community members on healthy lifestyles and disease prevention. Over the course of a 10-week program, participants are trained on education, promotion, and prevention. They cover a variety of health topics such as reproductive health, nutrition, chronic diseases, and domestic violence. After graduating, they can become health promoter leaders, actively participating in the community. Throughout the pandemic the Health Promoters and Leaders have worked alongside doctors, community leaders, and FIMRC staff to maintain the Nutrition Program and the Diabetes and Hypertension Program. By engaging in the program, participants are empowered as future leaders in Anconcito, serving as change makers that will identify and advocate for the community’s needs. Through the course they gain the ability to speak confidently in public, learn dynamic teaching methods, and develop practical clinical skills. These valuable skills can translate to their future careers or be used to continue serving community members in FIMRC’s programs and activities. Eny and Julissa are both Health Promoter Leaders who have been active throughout the pandemic to continue positively impacting the community.  We’re celebrating their accomplishment of graduating as Nursing Assistants from the Jesús de Carpintero Foundation and the Train of Hope Program in Ancón, Ecuador. Learn about what led them to this accomplishment!

Eny Espinal

How did you decide on a nursing career?

I chose this nursing theme because I like to help many people and that way I can help the community where I live.


How has being an FIMRC health promoter supported your professional goals?

FIMRC helped me a lot in the field of giving knowledge in health and also an inspiration to continue studying to be a health and nursing assistant. I will always be totally grateful to all the people who make up the foundation. thank you for all that support.


What are you most excited about now that you have graduated?

Now that I've graduated I'm excited to know that I can help people who require first aid assessment and help in different activities that take place in the community.

Julissa Rodriguez

How did you decide your career?

After I graduated from [high] school I decided to get involved in the health area, that's why I got to study nursing to train as an assistant. After graduating from the Nursing Assistant program I'm now studying at the university for a career in agriculture; I chose it because I like plants and animals as well.


How has being an FIMRC health promoter supported your professional goals?

FIMRC has helped me when choosing what I really like, through FIMRC I was able to see and know what I really appreciate and above all it has helped guide me to know what I want for my future. The activities that we [as Health Promoters] carry out for the benefit of our community have helped us when it comes to expressing ourselves or knowing how to help other people, being patient and, above all, showing solidarity with our people. Being a promoter has also helped me personally, because every day I learn more and can then help people better understand their health.


What are you most excited about now that you have graduated?

Knowing that, thanks to FIMRC, I was able to discover my true vocation and start training as a nursing assistant. I am excited to see my family happy because I have a degree as a nurse, I hope to get many more so I can continue to help others.

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