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El Salvador

Project Las Delicias

El Salvador is the smallest yet most densely populated country in Central America. It has been greatly affected by a large number of natural disasters including flooding, droughts, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The disasters have created serious problems related to infrastructure, food security and water quality, which all contribute to a number of health issues. While the government has been a leader in the region for health programs targeting some of the main problems, funding is a constant issue and threatens the progress that has been made in spite of the harsh environmental factors.


Las Delicias is located 35km outside of San Salvador in the department of La Libertad. The community is nestled among coffee plantations, corn fields and sugar cane.





The closest government clinic is located 10km from the community but can take nearly two hours to reach due to public transportation. The clinic is saturated with patients and  often lacks the resources necessary to adequately treat the population.


We started with a health census. We met with the leaders and started working alongside the Ministry of Health. We sat and talked to community members. We developed programs and services based on the actual, current needs and have continued to expand them as we grow. 

Our Work

At Project Las Delicias, we have always taken a community based approach and continue to do so. We work closely with the families in Las Delicias, Las Brisas and the surrounding areas to understand their challenges and needs and build programs around their current health situation. With the support of our volunteers, we dedicate our resources to three main areas of focus: clinical activities, health education and special initiatives. Below are a few examples of our work at Project Las Delicias.


  • Offer primary care services for all ages
  • Support rural medical brigades
  • Train local doctors on specialized equipment


  • Adolescent group workshops
  • Water sanitation programs 
  • Prenatal programming and house visits


  • Micro Health Insurance Program
  • Water filter distribution
  • Nutrition groups

"The clinical experience exceeded my expectations. It was amazing to partake in another cultures health care process."

- Emily C. 

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