Volunteer Programs

There are many ways to get involved with FIMRC! Participating in the Global Health Volunteer Program is just one of many great options that we offer. Whether you decide to initiate a chapter, get involved with the national office, or pursue an international volunteer trip, your participation is central to the overall success of FIMRC’s mission of promoting health worldwide. Below is a list of locations as well as specialized programs. No matter the path you choose, you can make an impact! 





Volunteer Abroad

Global Health Volunteer Program

Our international volunteers are the heart of FIMRC; without them we could never provide the level of individualized care and heartfelt community interaction we maintain at our clinic sites. Please consider a short-term or long-term mission to any of our participating clinic sites! 


Dominican Republic  -   Ecuador  -  Nicaragua  - Costa Rica  -  Peru - Philippines - Uganda  -  India 



Spend Your Summer With Us

Summer International Health Fellowship

The Summer International Health Fellowship (SIHF) is a four-week immersion and service program designed for undergraduate students, recent graduates interested in medical professions, and 1st or 2nd year medical students. The program provides an intensive daily clinical experience while integrating participants as part of an under served community. 


India - Nicaragua - Peru - Dominican Republic - Uganda - Philippines



Enhance Your Career

Global Health Nursing Fellowship

The Global Health Nursing Fellowship (GHNF) is a program for recent graduates and nursing professionals alike looking for an immersive experience into rural healthcare. Each fellowship is tailored to the participant’s experience, interests, and educational goals. As a Fellow, participants will gain exposure to international healthcare services, continue to improve upon nursing skills and abilities, as well as gain experience in providing culturally sensitive care to children and their families. 






Medical School Rotations

Comparative Health Immersion Rotation Program

Our Comparative Health Immersion Rotation Program (CHIRP) is a program for medical students and residents alike - your experience is tailored to your level of experience and the requirements of your school or rotation program. The program provides exposure to clinical activities and preventative health initiatives, but varies depending on the main health issues and program structure in-country. 


Dominican Republic  -   Ecuador -  Nicaragua  - Costa Rica  -  Peru -  Uganda  -  India - Philippines



Earn Credit Towards Your Degree

Master's Degree Practicums

Are you an MPH student looking to fill a practicum requirement? We love to work with graduate students to fulfill academic requirements while also making a tangible contribution! Our team works one-on-one with students and institutions to arrange rotations according to the specific requirements of each academic program. 


HQ - Dominican Republic -  El Salvador Nicaragua Costa Rica Peru - Uganda India 



Integrate Into Life On-Site

Internship Program

The FIMRC Internship Program provides the most driven individuals with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience developing innovative and sustainable solutions to a variety of global health challenges. Two types of internships are offered based on length of stay. FIMRC Ambassadors commit to 3 to 6 months on site and FIMRC Fellows commit to 7 months to 1 year (or more!) on site. 


HQ Dominican Republic - Ecuador - Nicaragua - Costa Rica Peru Uganda - India  






create a unique experience

Custom Programs

Are you a faculty member, academic advisor, or group leader searching for a customizable international experience? FIMRC's flexibility and year round operations afford our partners the opportunity to develop unique individual, faculty led, and group travel experiences. 


Dominican Republic - Ecuador - Nicaragua - Costa Rica Peru Uganda - India