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Over the past 11 years, our dedicated staff have worked to improve healthcare in developing communities across the globe. We aim to accomplish this goal by providing access to quality healthcare and educating community members on preventative measures. By tailoring our programs to the needs expressed by the families and local leaders, we continue to strive towards positive, sustainable change. 

Thousands of volunteers have joined us in our mission to improve healthcare. Our Volunteer Program allows for members of the global community to contribute their efforts and help drive change. Healthcare professionals, medical students, undergraduates and individuals passionate about giving back have dedicated their time to the children and families that we serve.

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The number of latrines built with the help of volunteers this January in the communities surrounding Project Restauración in the Dominican Republic. The latrine project is projected to improve sanitation to over 100 people in neighboring communities.

Patient tracking, data collection and statistical analysis are important components of evaluating our programs. Check back for regular updates.

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"Thank you FIMRC so much for this awesome opportunity. I was able to make new friends, see new sights, do extraordinary things, and recognize my strengths and weaknesses. After all this, I know for sure what I really want. I will be a doctor. Thanks again and please keep inspiring more people."
Khoa Pham, Peru 2013

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Are you ready to join the team and contribute on site? We have many different volunteer programs available, each tailored to your specific skill set and level of training. We are thrilled to host anyone from undergraduate students to experienced doctors, and all that is required is a desire to learn and help out!

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Our supporters give up their birthdays, run in marathons, and grow crazy beards to support FIMRC. You make it possible for us to stock our clinic pharmacies, hire local doctors and nurses, and provide a high quality of care to our patients. Every contribution helps us to expand and improve the care that we provide.

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FIMRC continues to grow and thrive thanks to the incredible support of our Chaptership family. Chapters spread the word, volunteer locally and abroad, and adopt special projects on-site, all in support of the FIMRC mission. As a Chapter member, you can contribute and make a difference in countless ways!