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Project Restauración

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic encompasses the eastern two-thirds of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola which it shares with Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. More than 40% of Dominicans live below the poverty line, which lends itself to an extremely low standard of health. Trends predict that the prevalence of infectious disease will soon be overtaken by chronic non-communicable diseases, which are on the rise.


Restauración, approximately 3 hours from Santiago, is a part of the province of Dajabón.  It is located in the Cordillera Central mountain range and shares a border with Haiti.


There are five clinics located within the municipality that depend on government funding. According to local health officials, upwards of 70% of patients seen are Haitians, which are not accounted for in the allocation of funds.


We start with a community diagnostic. We meet with the leaders. We talk to community members. We live and breathe healthcare in the area and implement programs and services based on the actual, current needs.

Our Work

Year-round operations mean adapting to our environment and listening to our communities. We live and work among the families in Restauración, Tilurí and the surrounding areas. With the support of our volunteers, we dedicate our resources to three main areas of focus: clinical involvement, health education and special initiatives. Below are a few examples of our work at Project Restauración.


  • Work with 5 rural health clinics
  • Conduct rural medical brigades
  • Train local doctors on specialized equipment


  • Health Promoter trainings on first aid
  • Prenatal programming and house visits

  • Diabetes support groups


  • Hands-on latrine construction

  • Multimedia project: Me Toca a Mi

  • Youth empowerment programs


Project Restauración thrives on the efforts of volunteers, all of whom contribute to the current needs and initiatives on-site. Whether you're giving a first-aid demonstration to local schoolteachers, hiking through the jungle to survey remote communities, or spending the afternoon taking vital signs in a rural clinic, your efforts allow us to better serve the residents of Restauración and the surrounding communities.

All volunteers have the opportunity to participate in both the clinical and health education aspects of operations on-site, and activities can range from participating in a nutritious cooking class with mothers from the community to shadowing in one of the local health clinics.

Over the course of your trip you'll receive an unfiltered experience in health care field work abroad, and learn about the tremendous impact that even one person can have. At our end, so as to maximize your contribution, we will tailor your experience based on current needs, your interests, training, and amount of time that you spend with us on-site in Restauración.

Want to volunteer in the Dominican Republic in the future? Fill out the form below to get in touch with us and let us know you’re interested, and we’ll keep you posted!

"I was so thankful for my first experience with FIMRC. It gave me a great glimpse of the organizations mission. It was even better than I anticipated, and I learned much more than I expected. I will definitely be doing more trips with FIMRC."

- Sydney H.

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