A Firsthand Look at Our Sites Abroad


At times, it can be hard to picture what your volunteer experience will be like. It can be a challenge to truly grasp the impact that we're having on the ground. It can even be tricky to imagine what the living conditions are like. That's why we've started a video series - to help bring to life our commitment to the communities and the impact that we're having. Click below to learn more about our work, the Global Health Volunteer Program experience, and the communities we serve.




FIMRC Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, think about the value of a good video. Below, videos on several of our project sites are featured to help bring to life exactly what goes into our project sites.


Global Operations



FIMRC Photos

Whether it be the Chaptership program, operations in the field, the volunteer program or events held in the US, memories are being made and captured. Below are some of our favorite photos, pulled from our Flickr account, highlighting our work around the globe!



FIMRC Social Media

We work hard to keep our social media outlets up-to-date. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all have unique content. Click on the icons below to learn more about current happenings, or check out the featured social media sites and a few of the most recent highlights.





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