In the past, our Adopt-a-Project program has been an exclusive way for our Chapters to stay connected with our project sites while still being on-campus. We are excited to unveil the list for the 2015-2016 school year to all of our past volunteers, supporters, and of course, Chapter members. We have expanded the program and added more projects to allow for others to support our ongoing operations. If you are interested in adopting a project, please email us at to let us know which project you choose to support! The projects will be updated once they have been adopted and new projects will be added throughout the year. Click here to see the Adopt-a-Project Menu with full descriptions of each project.

Project Alajuelita, Costa Rica


Art Therapy 
$150 per month

We have been fortunate to expand our psychological services to include art therapy for women, children, and those with disabilities. Our staff psychologist, Tatiana Blanco, works closely with these populations through individual therapy programs, and has developed the art therapy programs to reach more people in the community. The $150 per month will cover the supplies for all three programs.

Ballet Program

Project Alajuelita Ambassador Olivia Keane brought her ballet skills to Costa Rica this past summer and started the ballet program for girls ages 3-8. The program focuses on promoting physical activity, improved self efficacy and self esteem. The first program was so well received by the community that we are hoping to continue it for the next year!


Laboratory Test Campaign
$50 per patient

Many times, patients need to receive diagnostic tests that cannot be performed in our clinic.  When patients repeatedly seek care for the same symptoms, they need a lab test to determine their best course of treatment but often times they cannot afford to pay privately for the service. It is our goal to be able to refer 50 patients for lab tests at an estimated cost of $50 per patient.


Other Available Projects

  • Mammography Campaign
    $25 per patient

  • Pap Smear Campaign
    $15 per patient
  • Dance Therapy Program

  • Yoga Mats for Children's Yoga Program

Project Restauración, Dominican Republic

Agentes de Salud
$300 (2 requested) - ADOPTED

Our staff is working to put together a new project in Restauración called Agentes de Salud. This program is targeted to 8th and 9th graders, and aims to give students an introduction to local public health issues including sanitation, sexually transmitted diseases, chronic disease management, and vector-borne diseases over 12 classes. These students will be formally recognized by FIMRC with shirts and certificates, and will work with us at community events (like health fairs).  We would like to run at least two classes of 20 students.


Mobile Clinics  
$150 of medication and transport (8 requested)
$200 medication, transport, and overnight stay (4 requested)

One of the centerpieces of our community health programming is the mobile clinic initiative, which we hold in rural towns without easy access to healthcare. Some are held in towns within a day’s visit, and others require overnight stays. These are often some of the poorest communities in the municipality, and have some of the highest barriers to health access – which means that we make a huge difference by bringing care to them. We hold one mobile clinic every month (12 annually).


Health Education Coordinator

Developing and implementing programs is a rewarding experience that enables us to directly impact the life of an individual. Hiring local staff to work alongside FIMRC developing programs and administering health education not only empowers the individual, but sets a real example to the community as a whole. The success and effectiveness of our programs depends on the strength of our local staff. $1,800 will provide a full year salary to our Health Education Coordinator and continue to help improve existing and future programs, including our girl’s empowerment programs (Chicas Maravillas) and our eighth-grade a new health education program (Agentes de Salud).

Other Available Projects

  • School First Aid Kits (8 requested)
    $50 each

  • Diabetes and Hypertension Specialist Visits (1 year)

  • Diabetes and Hypertension Classes, Nutrition Element (8-week course)

  • Inversor (Battery Inverter/Charger)
    $800 - ADOPTED

  • Health Fairs (3 requested)
    $100 each - ADOPTED

  • First Aid Training Program (3 requested)
    $125 each

  • Operational costs for Tilori Orphan School (9 requested)
    $250 each

  • Repair the back room of the Tilori Orphan School

Project Las Delicas, El Salvador

Clinic Make Over

The FIMRC clinic in Las Delicias was founded in 2008 and after 7 years of clinic operations and having welcomed thousands of patients and hundreds of volunteers, the clinic has started to look a little worn out again after the last touch-up it has received 5 years ago with the help of volunteers and having been through 5 rough rainy seasons. 


Lancets for Glucometer

In the rural area of Las Delicias there is an average of 2 to 3 deaths per year related to uncontrolled and or undiagnosed diabetes. Often diabetic patients miss their check-ups at the hospital due to insufficient economic resources to visit the hospital or government clinic. The  clinic of FIMRC Las Delicias offers diabetic patients regular check-ups and if necessary refers patients back to the government clinic or the hospital in case their blood sugar is not controlled. 

Water Filters
$35 each - ADOPTED

Parasites are present in many rural communities around the world, including Las Delicias, endangering the health of the population, especially the children. Every year, the FIMRC clinic in Las Delicias diagnoses dozens of children with parasites, amoebas, and bacterial infections. One of the main causes of infection is drinking the unsafe tap water because families do not have access to clean drinking water. By providing a family with a water filter, the whole family can enjoy clean and safe drinking water for two years.

Other Available Projects

  • Nebulizer
    $80 each, 2 requested

  • Blood Pressure Cuffs
    $40 each, 3 requested - ADOPTED
  • Thermometers
    $4 each, 5 requested - ADOPTED

  • Scales
    $40 each, 2 requested

Project Kodaikanal, India

Sewing Machines

FIMRC women’s health group runs an empowerment program through which local community women take part in sewing training programs, making craft items and sell those products in the market. Currently 8-10 women participate in the program and we are short of sewing machine for training session.

Clinical Storage Supplies
$200 - ADOPTED

FIMRC rural clinic is in dire need of closets for maintaining medical records. Currently, we have a medical record closet that can only accommodate few more records. In future we might need a bigger closet to store all the medical supplies and separate closet for maintaining the records. During the rainy season, it gets difficult to safeguard the records from rain and moisture.  

Clinical Supplies
$500 - ADOPTED

FIMRC rural clinic is situated in the outskirts of Kodaikanal serving people from impoverished communities. Because of the growing needs for medical care we could not run the clinic totally free of cost to all the people. We had to subsidize the cost on medicine and still keep up  with the patient’s needs. On top of that, expenditure on supplies add-up extra cost. Supplies like, syringes, gauze, cotton rolls, bandage rolls, blood sugar testing strips, etc are more frequently used at the clinic. If we can get donations on these supplies, we could end-up giving medicines even at a cheaper price.

Other Available Project

  • Used laptops for children's after school program
  • Perimeter wall for Nathanael Crèche
  • Concrete roof for Joshua Crèche

Project Limón, Nicaragua

New Mom Kits
$1,000 annually - ADOPTED

The Las Salinas government health post is responsible for tracking and monitoring pregnant women in the area. FIMRC’s nurse at Project Limon runs a home-visitation program, including home visits to all registered pregnant women within 5 of the surrounding communities monthly as a complement to the government staff’s efforts. During these sessions, women learn about the physical and emotional changes associated with pregnancy and tips for a healthy baby after the birth. Also, as part of the program, a baby shower is held for the participants in the program who will be having their baby in the upcoming month.

Clean Water Initiative
$40 per filter - ADOPTED

Project Limon is situated in the rural community of Las Salinas de Nagualapa where access to clean water is limited.  63% of the population consumes non-purified water leading to increased amounts of water-borne diseases seen through FIMRC’s Pediatric Health Program all of which can be prevented simply by providing access to clean water.  With a $40 donation a water filter can be purchased and given to a family providing access to clean water.  As part of the donation, water safety education is given as well to reinforce the importance of clean water.  


Clinic Maintenance and Improvements

Here at our clinic, La Casa de Refugio, we are making improvements to hopefully improve sanitation for patients waiting as well as having more sterile environment for procedures such as pap smears and wound care. Improvements would include an indoor restroom, ceiling fans, and screens to prevent dust from entering the clinic.

Other Available Projects

  • Stock the Pharmacy
    $1000 quarterly

  • First Aid Kits


  • Community Trash Services

  • Diabetic Program
    $1000 annually
  • Women's Health Program
    $2000 annually

  • Baseball Supplies
    $500 annually


Projects Huancayo & La Merced, Peru


Portable Projector for Health Education

Our team in Peru has found that the more interactive our programming is, the more effective it is. We are excited to be expanding programming into remote areas near our site in La Merced and our team feels the best way to improve retention of information would be to have a reliable, portable projector for more effective health campaigns.

Kindergarten Water Project
$2500 - ADOPTED


Belen Kindergarten is a small child care facility in the jungle region of Peru, operating Monday to Friday from 8am – 12pm with two teachers. Eleven children, aged 3-5 years old, currently attend with numbers set to grow in the nearf uture. The initial 'classroom' was funded by the Municipalidad (local council) but the majority of the resources are paid for by the community. They have one very basic classroom with table and chairs. There are no water facilities and buckets are carried up to the site daily for the children to wash their hands / brush teeth, etc. The only toilet is an open 'hole in the ground' with no handwashing facilities. They are seeking funding to install water facilities on site with a future view to rebuild the kindergarten completely.

Yoga for La Merced Hospital

The La Merced FIMRC program partners with several community projects, as well as the new tropical medicine hospital in La Merced (Hospital Regional Docente de Medecina Tropical). We have been piloting basic level yoga sessions at empowerment events for women suffering from domestic violence, which have been well received, and we would like to expand this to lead classes with more of our partners. We are looking to purchase 20-30 yoga mats as well as basic yoga accessories including belts and bricks.


Project Bumwalukani, Uganda

$300 each

Project Bumwalukani runs it unique patient centered database system ONYX from a rural mountain top in Eastern Uganda. We began with 5 used computers that are nearing the end of their service to our clinic. We are in the process of replacing the now 6 computers that run our database system, beginning with the lab. We are looking for new laptop with Windows 7 operating system with an SD card slot. We will begin replacing the computer in the lab as it malfunctions almost daily.

Gardens for OVC Program

Project Bumwalukani’s Orphan and Vulnerable Child Program (OVC) is looking to purchase land and seeds for a community garden so that the OVCs can grow food for themselves to prevent malnutrition. Many of our 21 OVCs only have one meal a day and must take medications twice a day. This leaves them feeling nauseated when taking the pills on an empty stomach. Since it is tradition to inherit family land from your parents in our village, a community garden will allow our OVCs to be able to grow food for themselves, just like their peers. It will also give these growing children a sense of purpose and greater belonging in the community. If the project is successful, surplus food can be sold to help the children pay for school fees.  UIUC fundraised $2120 in the 2014-2015 school year and we are waiting for the last bit of funding!


Medical Cart
$200 - ADOPTED

Project Bumwalukani’s wound care station is in need of a trolly cart to better organize its supplies and allow our nurses to respond our wound inflicted patients in a faster, cleaner and more organized matter. 

Other Available Projects

  • Solar Panels (10 requested)
    $600 each

  • Microscope