Social Media Toolkit

Social media is a fun and easy way to share your passion for FIMRC’s work and get others excited about our mission to provide access to healthcare for children and families worldwide. We’ve put together some general social media messages for you to share with your followers as well as a calendar with key dates so you can be on the lookout for additional FIMRC content to share. FIMRC is committed to helping you keep your social media platforms updated all year long, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and please share as much content as you like. Also, be on the lookout for emails from our team with social media sharing suggestions throughout the year! 

First things first: follow our accounts!


 Tips for sharing posts about FIMRC:

  • Hashtags: Always use #FIMRC and feel free to supplement with hashtags like #VolunteerAbroad #TravelAndServe and #FIMRCfamily

  • Mentions: When sharing about FIMRC, be sure to mention our accounts so your friends can find us and we can see what you’re up to!

  • Geotags: FIMRC project sites have official locations to check in on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Media to Use:


More photo resources to use in FIMRC materials can be found here.

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Additional Messaging to use - feel free to copy/paste and use with the above images on Facebook & Instagram:

  • FIMRC operates 10 project sites around the world to provide essential services such as health screenings, clinical consultations, and pediatric malnutrition treatments. It’s an honor to be a part of this amazing #FIMRCfamily, check out to learn how you can get involved!

  • From Peru to Uganda and many places in between, FIMRC works to provide children and families access to quality medical care. So proud to be a part of this amazing #FIMRCfamily!

  • More than 94% of FIMRC’s field staff are locals from the communities we serve year-round, ensuring the unique needs of each community is met and that we’re creating sustainable, long-term health solutions. #FIMRCfamily #TravelAndServe #VolunteerAbroad

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Facebook Frames

  • Add FIMRC Frames to your Facebook photos and stories. Search “FIMRC” to add our frames!

Chapter Materials

  • Are you on a FIMRC Chapter? We have resources tailored just for you. Log in to the chapter resources webpage here to find your toolkit!