Comparative Health Immersion Rotation Program (CHIRP)

The Comparative Healthcare Immersion Rotation Program (CHIRP) is an elective clerkship that provides a global perspective to third and fourth year medical students and residents as well as physician assistant, pharmacy, and nursing students passionate about gaining exposure to health care across multiple settings. 

CHIRP takes a threefold approach to understanding health infrastructure in developing settings. Program participants will gain a multidimensional perspective into medicine across several institutional settings, such as government-run hospitals or clinics, local health posts, and FIMRC clinics. Community health outreach initiatives that participants help plan and implement provide a public health complement to the medical setting. Lastly, a structured curriculum of training modules specific to each site provides a scholastic foundation for the program as well as context to the issues that influence health in each community. At the completion of the program, participants will have increased their knowledge of global health, specifically in the resource-poor setting of a developing country and will achieve an understanding of the challenges involved in working in a resource–limited setting.  

CHIRP is a dynamic experience that can be tailored to a myriad of degree programs, with previous participants hailing from PA, MD and DO programs, as well as pharmacy and advanced nursing programs. Our team is happy to tailor CHIRP rotations to meet participants’ academic needs and personal goals as well as specific school requirements. Academic credit for a CHIRP rotation can also be arranged depending on your school’s requirements.

CHIRP is offered year-round at all of our project sites and requires a commitment of three weeks or more. The length of the rotation can be tailored to meet your school's requirement. Rotations incorporating time at two or three sites in Central America can also be arranged for those wishing to compare and contrast health systems across countries. The cost for a single rotation is dependent upon location, duration of rotation, and time of year. CHIRP rates are significantly discounted from our standard per-week rates in order to make our program more financially accessible. Please contact for a quote for your rotation.

Clinical Exposure

Participants will compare and contrast the delivery of health services through extensive clinical observation time in FIMRC clinics, government health posts, and/or partner organizations. Participants will also have the opportunity to rotate through larger hospitals, operate mobile clinics, or conduct home health visits (depending upon location). 

community outreach

Public health initiatives range from home visits, delivery of health education sessions in local schools and orphanages, to assisting with follow-up CPR and first aid classes with local health promoters. Based on current community needs, participants will work alongside staff to provide long term sustainable solutions to the specific health challenges presented in each community. 

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Training Modules

Each week, participants will progress through a structured curriculum developed to provide a unique and challenging experience. Areas of focus may include: FIMRC Programs and Outreach, Cultural Influences on Health Behavior, Growth and Development, Women's Healthcare, and more. Each curriculum differs by project site and duration of rotation.

Sample Itinerary








Depart lodging

Depart lodging

Depart lodging

Depart lodging

Depart lodging

8:00 - 12:00

Clinical observation

Training Module: FIMRC Programs and Outreach

Hospital Rotation: Emergency Department

Training Module: Women's Healthcare

Hospital Rotation: Surgical Unit

12:00 – 1:00






1:00 - 5:00

Develop health education materials

Present health education lesson

Clinical observation with partner organization

Assist with clinic operations

Review and reflection

Please note that this is only a sample itinerary. Each of FIMRC's locations works to develop a unique itinerary based on each student's goals and educational requirements, available opportunities, and most importantly, ways in which participants can help address the needs of the community.

Enrollment Process

To begin the rotation planning process, please complete the Get Started form below. A FIMRC team member will provide you with a comprehensive CHIRP Information Guide, which includes details on each location as well as enrollment instructions. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our elective options.