Master's Degree Practicum

The ideas, dedication and knowledge that graduate students bring to our project sites across the globe is an invaluable part of our organization. We are always looking for qualified master’s students who are interested in working on their public health or international development degree or a wide range of other programs to earn credit through us. We work closely with the student and university to provide an in-depth experience and look into our work and students become a valuable member of our team!  

Students in the past have worked on projects such as: 

  • Curriculum development: Nutrition in the Dominican Republic

  • Executing a Community Census: Understanding the Importance of Knowing your Population

  • Data collection and analysis on the effectiveness of the Micro Health Insurance Program

  • Cultural Competency: How to Create a Culturally Sensitive Outreach Program Focused on Reproductive Health

  • Trauma Informed Yoga: Development of innovative yoga sessions and in-person training for field staff

While these are only a few examples of the projects that our students have worked on previously, it is a good sampling to show that there are a number of different topics to be researched. Whether you are interested in a field based experience or working out of HQ, we work to accommodate your interests and further our missions in the communities where we work. 



Application Process

If you are interested in the experience, please send your resume as well as academic requirements to so that we may determine if a practicum placement is possible. We truly value the work of master’s students and hope to be able to contribute to furthering your education.