Internship Program

FIMRC's Internship Program is a competitive opportunity for a select number of individuals to travel to our project sites across the globe throughout the year. With a minimum commitment of three months, interns are sure to get an in-depth view of our operations and contribute to sustainable change at our project sites across the globe. We welcome individuals with a variety of experiences and backgrounds, but always require a willingness to integrate into the communities where we work. In this way, we continue to drive long-term changes with underserved populations across the globe. 


What Will I Do?

Gain In-Depth Experience First Hand

The FIMRC Internship Program provides the most driven individuals with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience developing innovative and sustainable solutions to a variety of global health challenges. 

Interns have contributed to a number of initiatives on-site over the years. Through a rigorous interview process, the Internship Team learns more about your skills, education and background and matches you with a project site where we feel you will have the largest impact. Each intern has the opportunity not only to gain exposure in the clinical setting, but is also responsible for a project. Past project examples using unique skills include:

  • In Costa Rica, a class was created for children using ballet skills of an Ambassador. The girls were taken through a holistic health education course focused on healthy habits and self-esteem, and the dance background of our intern was incorporated into a series of ballet classes. The culminating event was a recital put on by the girls who went through the program. This happened in conjunction with another Ambassador who created a similar dance program. You can read more about it here!

  • In India, an Ambassador took her passion for community development and helped build out our Women's Group. She taught the women important skills to help with economic development by helping them create a small business and understand important pillars of the business such as budgeting and marketing.

  • In the Dominican Republic, an intern learned about the Superman initiative taking place on-site and built out a similar program called Chicas Maravillas. Additional information about the program can be found in our blog post!

The exact nature of your Internship will vary greatly depending on the amount of time you spend on-site, current operations and initiatives that are in the site's strategic plan. Specifics are discussed throughout the interview process depending on site selection. 


Program Details

The Ins and Outs of the Internship Program


  • Internships are available at all FIMRC locations that accept volunteers as well as at our US Headquarters in Philadelphia.

  • Two types of internships are offered:

    • Ambassador Program (3 to 6 month commitment)

    • Fellowship Program (7 month to 1 year+ commitment)

  • Applicants do not apply to specific sites but rather the Ambassador or Fellowship Programs in general. Placements are based on the sites' needs, applicants' skill sets, and information gathered during the interview process.

  • Internships are unpaid.

  • Interns are accepted on a rolling basis prior to the deadline. Each site has a maximum number of interns per site.


Why Intern?

Top Reasons Why an Internship Is A Valuable Experience

Despite the differences in the Internship Program between project sites, there are similarities no matter your location. As an Ambassador or Fellow, there are a few guarantees of the experience. You will:

  • Face the challenges of providing basic health care services in areas with little technological, financial, and/or educational support by designing, executing, and evaluating a self-driven project;

  • Gain valuable insight into the inner workings of an international non-profit organization and foreign health care systems;

  • Become immersed into the language and culture of your host community, thus gaining an intimate view of how behavior, culture, and economy affect health;

  • Work side by side with skilled field staff to help drive change in the communities we serve;

  • Contribute to programming - a contribution that will last well beyond your time on-site.


Next Steps

Applying is As Easy as 1-2-3


Ready to apply? Submit the following to

  • Personal statement of interest including dates of availability (no more than 500 words)

  • Resume

  • Two letters of recommendation (they can be sent directly from the recommender to FIMRC)

Once received, your application will be reviewed by our team. If you are selected to proceed to the recruitment process, you will be contacted for an interview. 

Application Deadlines:

  • Fall: July 15

  • Winter: September 15

  • Spring/Summer: February 15

Should you have any questions regarding application deadlines, please contact for further information.