Student Adventure Program

High School Volunteer Program

The Student Adventure Program (SAP) is a two week service experience designed for high school students looking to volunteer in the international setting in a responsible and fun manner. Participants will gain a unique perspective into global health through volunteering that includes: clinical exposure, community outreach efforts, as well as structured community immersion and weekend adventures. The experience is unique in that the program is only available to high school students and will provide a unique perspective into sustainable development, meaningful community interactions and a whole lot of adventure. 

Clinical Exposure

Participants will have the unique opportunity to experience the local health system both public and private through coordinated observation time in FIMRC clinics, health posts, and/or partner medical facilities. During clinical rotations, participants will learn about the region's top diagnoses and common treatments. It is important to note that the clinical opportunities are meant to provide you perspective on healthcare in the international setting and a great way for high school students to understand similarities and differences in the clinical setting abroad. 

community outreach

Outreach and education initiatives include home health visits, delivery of health education sessions, as well as health related data collection used to monitor and evaluate ongoing programs. Based on current community needs, participants will work alongside staff to provide long term sustainable solutions to the unique health challenges presented in each community. As such, community outreach initiatives vary by location and time of year.

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sAP Project

For the program, participants will work in groups on projects that help improve our ability to operate in the clinic. These tend to be hands-on projects and are above and beyond what any staff member could do without your presence and participation. Examples may include clinic improvement projects, putting together first aid kits and distributing to local first responders or the construction of a restroom at one of our stand alone clinics. Each project differs depending on the need of the site and time of year. 


All Work and No Play? NO WAY!

The Student Adventure Program includes built-in community and cultural excursions. Each location has its own set of fun built in. You may travel to a local temple, or go to a beach where you are able to whale watch. The excursions are built into the weekend program, and some evenings even include fun activities. 




All SAP participants will have on-site supervision for the entire duration of their program. FIMRC hires additional support throughout the program to ensure proper supervision of all students. 

In addition, we offer the opportunity for chaperones to attend the trip at a discounted rate if a minimum group number is met. We understand the importance of this experience, and we will work with groups to ensure that the experience can happen!


2020 program DATES

The program is divided into 2-week sessions. Each location has its own set of dates and either one or two sessions per summer. Dates and locations are as follows for 2020:

  • Ecuador: July 12-25, 2020

  • India: August 2-15, 2020


Cost and Accommodations

  • Ecuador: $2,800

  • India: $2,500

The cost of your program includes housing, airport pick up/drop off, transport to volunteer activities, meals (# of meals dependent on location), as well as a program donation that supports our project sites. Excursions and trips that have been planned by FIMRC are also covered under the cost of the program. Any activities above and beyond what has been programmed, as well as souvenirs, are not included in the cost of the program. Airfare is not included. For specific information regarding accommodations, please visit each project site's volunteer page included above.

All program donations are tax-deductible, and go toward the cost of providing high quality patient care and medications at all of our project sites, while maintaining the staffing and infrastructure necessary to provide quality volunteer experiences for our program participants. 



To begin, please fill out the form by clicking below! This form will allow us to answer any questions you may have or formally enroll you into the Student Adventure Program!


Sample SAP Itinerary








Depart lodging

Depart lodging

Depart lodging

Depart lodging

Depart lodging

8:00 - 12:00

SAP Orientation

School painting - health murals

Hospital improvement project

Health campaign in community

Hospital improvement project

12:00 – 1:00






1:00 - 5:00

Clinic observation

Cooking classes - local culture

Team building activity

Health education session

Travel for excursion

Sample Weekend Excursion : All volunteers will be accompanied on a trip to an ecolodge, where they will have the opportunity to hike, learn about the process of growing coffee, as well as sustainable farming.  


Please note that we strive to provide volunteers with a unique and well-rounded experience through incorporating medical activities, public health initiatives, as well as projects developed and implemented throughout the experience. Each of SAP's locations works to develop a unique itinerary based on enrollment, available opportunities and most importantly, ways in which volunteers can help address the needs of the community. Detailed itineraries are given during orientation.