Global Health Nursing Fellowship

The Global Health Nursing Fellowship (GHNF) is designed for nursing professionals looking to gain experience in international medicine and global health. The fellowship takes a multi-faceted approach to understanding healthcare in the developing world. You will increase your knowledge of national and international guidelines for care of children and adolescents. You will also continue to improve upon your nursing skills through a combination of clinic rotations followed by skills tests - these skills test will be directly related to your current level of education and experience. Lastly, you will gain invaluable experience in providing ethically and culturally sensitive care through providing care to children and their families in an international setting.

Not only will you have the opportunity to work in a clinical setting, but you will also have the responsibility of executing public health campaigns within the community. Fellows will have the opportunity to make use of their clinical knowledge to make strong preventative health recommendations, build health education sessions appropriate to the population and utilize knowledge accrued.

Clinical Exposure

Fellows will have the unique opportunity to experience the local health system both public and private through working either in our own FIMRC clinic or with partner institutions as well as government locations when available. The aim is to provide a well-rounded experience that allows for immersion at multiple levels and with differing degrees of responsibility. As a nursing professional, you will have the opportunity to interact with patients at all locations.

Community outreach

Public health initiatives range from home visits, delivery of health education sessions in local schools or assisting with follow-up CPR and first aid classes. Based on current community needs, participants will work alongside staff to provide long term sustainable solutions to the specific health challenges presented in each community. As such, initiatives vary by time of year and your area of expertise. 

Learning Modules

Each week, Fellows will progress through a curriculum developed to provide a unique and challenging learning experience. Areas of focus may include: FIMRC Programs and Outreach, Cultural Influences on Health Behavior, Growth and Development, Women's Healthcare, and more. Depending upon the needs or interests of Fellows on-site, the curriculum can be tailored; however, the end goal is always for a better understanding of international medicine and public health.  

Program Details

The program fee for GHNF is $3326 per four-week session. The cost of your program includes housing, airport pick up/drop off, transport to fellowship activities, meals, as well as a program donation that supports our project sites. Excursions and trips for non-volunteer related activities as well as the associated costs are the responsibility of the volunteer. Airfare and medical evacuation insurance are not included. For specific information regarding accommodations, please visit each project site's volunteer page included above.

All program donations are tax-deductible, and go toward the cost of providing high quality patient care and medications at all of our project sites, while maintaining the staffing and infrastructure necessary to provide quality volunteer experiences for our program participants. GHNF rates are significantly discounted from our standard per-week rates in order to make a long term experience more financially accessible.


Sample Itinerary








Depart lodging

Depart lodging

Depart lodging

Depart lodging

Depart lodging

8:00 - 12:00

Training Module: Effective evaluation measurements of community based projects

Develop health education materials

Lead health education session

Nutrition counseling for diabetes program

Clinical rotation

12:00 – 1:00

Lunch in community

Lunch in community

Lunch in community

Lunch in community


1:00 - 5:00

Patient intake: Women's Health Program

Learning Module: Nutrition and endocrine diseases for public health programming

Nutrition session with prenatal patients via home visits

Clinical rotation

Home health visits

This itinerary has been made to provide a general impression of the way time is spent each week. Please note, however, that in order to ensure that your Fellowship has the greatest impact on the clinic and community, the schedule may change based on current needs and your length of stay (should you choose to participate in two sessions, for example).

Enrollment Process

To begin, please fill out the Get Started Form below to receive additional program details as well as enrollment instructions. Please note, if you are not available for a month long session, nurses are welcome to participate in short term volunteer experiences at all sites through our Global Health Volunteer Program.