Our Adopt-a-Project program is a way for volunteers, Chapters, and individuals or groups to stay connected to our project sites and help further our mission! We are excited to unveil the list for the 2017-2018 school year to all of our supporters. If you are interested in adopting a project, please email us at operations@fimrc.org to let us know which project you choose to support! The projects will be updated once they have been adopted and new projects will be added throughout the year. Our new fundraising page will also track the amount fundraised! All projects are available to be adopted fully or as a section; if you would like to donate a specific amount to a certain project, please just notify us.

Project Alajuelita, Costa Rica

Project Restauración, Dominican Republic

Project Anconcito, Ecuador

Project Las Delicias, El Salvador

Project Kodaikanal, India

Project Limón, Nicaragua

Project Huancayo, Peru

Project La Merced, Peru

Project Bududa, Uganda