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Are You Ready for Your Winter Adventures?

Make a meaningful impact this winter by joining FIMRC on our winter wonderscape volunteering trip. 


Did you know that around 63 Million Americans volunteer each year?

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You Can Have Impactful Winter

Learn why FIMRC is the best partner for your volunteering trip:

  • Meaningful Impact:¬†Make a tangible difference in communities around the world. Whether it's¬†health education, medical services or community development,¬†your contribution will empower local initiatives and create sustainable change.
  • Inspiring Destination: Immerse yourself in captivating locations such as Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Uganda. Experience vibrant cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and the warmth of local communities while making a positive impact.
  • Flexible Duration Options: We understand that summer schedules can vary. Our program offers various durations, allowing you to choose the time commitment that suits your schedule.
  • Tailored Experiences: Our programs are designed to cater to various interests and skills. Whether you are a student, a medical professional, an educator, or an adventurous spirit, we offer diverse projects that align with your passions and expertise.¬†
  • Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the local culture and forge meaningful connections. Engage with the community, learn new languages, and embrace new perspectives. Your winter trip will broaden your horizon!

Winter Wonderscape 2023: 

Volunteer Mission

On Your Trip, You Could…

  • Support our clinics operations
  • Engage in our global health initiatives
  • Conduct community outreaches
  • Be a part of sustainable development in underserved communities

Remember, our volunteer trips are carefully designed to match your skills and interests. No previous experience is required- just bring your enthusiasm and willingness to make a difference! 

Discover Your Perfect Destination!


Project Alajuelita, COSTA RICA

This project focuses on serving a community clinic that plays a critical role in providing healthcare services to a population of Nicaraguan refugees. Majority of this population are medically uninsured women and children. In addition to daily patient consultations, the dedicated staff engages in community outreach initiatives, delivering health education, conducting mobile clinics, and much more. Requirement includes:

  • Trip Cost: $1,499 $1,399
  • Individual Volunteers are welcomed!
  • Duration 7 days Sundays - Saturdays
  • No minimum age

Project Anconcito, ECUADOR

This project is a 100% outreach site. Led by our experienced nutritionist and a team of dedicated volunteer medics, this project primarily focuses on home visits and child nutrition. The team conducts screenings to detect malnutrition and anemia in children, while also providing support to adults managing diabetes and hypertension. Requirement includes:

  • Trip Cost: $1,599 $1,499
  • Minimum 3 Volunteers in a group¬†
  • Duration 7 days Sundays - Saturdays
  • No minimum age

Project Bududa, UGANDA

This project features a bustling clinic that attends to a significant volume of patients daily, ranging from 70 to 200. The clinic's dedicated team addresses prevalent health issues such as malaria, pneumonia, and maternal and child healthcare. The project also includes an outreach department that venture into immunizations, home visits and essential health education. Requirement includes:

  • Trip Cost: $1,499 $1,399
  • Individual volunteers are welcomed!
  • Recommended duration 10 days
  • Unaccompanied minor volunteers are not allowed

What's Included in The Trip Cost...

  • Round trip airport transportation
  • Volunteer's activity-related transportation
  • Meals 3 times / day
  • FIMRC's affiliated housing
  • Travel insurance
  • Program donation

Please note that airfare, trips for non-volunteer related activities and the associated costs are not included in the trip cost and are the responsibility of volunteer.

This Program Is For You If...

  • You have a passion for global health
  • You want hands-on experience in the healthcare field
  • You are interested in cross-cultural exchange
  • You are adaptable and resilient
  • You seek personal and professional growth

I'm Tara Haskell

I have been working with FIMRC for about 2 years. I have been to their Uganda clinic twice and the India location once. Each time I am impressed with the level of commitment to the community and improving global health for all. My nursing students have gone with me and to other FIMRC locations in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Peru. a little hard work, I was debt-free in a year and well on my way to early retirement. They always come back with amazing life and career changing experiences!! I highly recommend traveling and working with them!

"The trip was truly life changing. It was amazing to see how they were able to do more with less than we have. And as much as I could go on and on, it really is an experience you just have to go out on a leap of faith on. You will not regret it"

- Elyshia

"I am more than humbled to have shared this experiene with amazing people from different walk of life. My purpose in life have been recalibrated and fine tuned to a more distinct calling: the call to heal, to serve, and be selfless"

- Norman

"It was one of the most incredible experiences I've been able to have as undergraduate student! I feel as though their mission and values were clearly reflected in their work on site. I felt taken care of as a volunteer while also having the opportunity to learn from the staff on site and be immersed in a new culture."

- Ola










Winter Wonderscape 2023: Volunteer Mission

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