All volunteers are responsible for arranging and purchasing their own flights. If you are traveling with a group, please coordinate with your fellow group members to ensure that you arrive and depart together. The following are additional items to keep in mind:


Before booking your flight, please consider registering with Once you register, iGive will automatically donate a portion of every online purchase you make with selected vendors (including many major airline booking companies) to FIMRC, which means you will make even more of an impact on children’s health at no additional cost to you. The following are some ticket vendors who participate in this program:

American Airlines Miles

If you are flying on an American Airlines flight, please consider contributing frequent flier miles to our AA account. This brief step can make a huge difference in alleviating the future cost of flying staff members to our sites in emergency situations or for necessary site visits to maintain a high quality and continuity of care for the children and families we serve. Again, this does NOT affect any miles you may be logging in your personal account.

When you book, depending on the booking service you use, you may have the opportunity to enter a Business ExtrAA account code. FIMRC’s code is: 792103

US Airways Gift Registry

One resource that volunteers have used to help cover the cost of their flight is the US Airways Miles Gift Registry, found here:

This US Airways program allows individuals to make personalized pages so that family and friends can donate miles toward their goal. The personalized pages can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites so that it is easy to spread the word to family and friends!

Thank you in advance for taking these extra steps to help us fulfill our mission!