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What a Medical Student Learned Serving Abroad

As a second year medical student, Julie Nguyen expected the clinical exposure she experienced in the DR’s hospital and local clinics. She did not, however, expect to keep a patient’s medication in her refrigerator, or to reflect on questions she had never asked herself. She also would not have guessed that her biggest takeaway would be what it was.

In the Eyes of a Pediatrician

"I am so honored to write this blog post and share with you all the impact FIMRC had on me becoming a pediatrician!" Tina Tarazi began her career path to becoming a physician as a FIMRC Chapter member and Global Health Volunteer. The lessons she learned through her involvement with FIMRC have played an important role throughout her journey in medicine. 

Health Development in Ecuador: An MPH Perspective

As a Master's of Public Health student at the University of Missouri and a Clinical Dietician, Rachel spent 6 weeks at Project Anconcito learning about health development of our newest site. Harnessing both her background as a dietician and public health knowledge, she contributed to several programming aspects on site, while also learning about the challenges that come with working in development. Learn about her accomplishments and frustrations from her perspective!