Cure your Wanderlust and Make a Difference in 2019

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Excursion Time!

The start of a new year often means setting goals and making resolutions, including opening yourself up to new experiences through travel. Why not cure your wanderlust and make a difference at the same time by volunteering with FIMRC? We have programs for high school students, college students, medical students, nursing students, pharmacy students, physician assistant students, and anyone who is interested in global health. And now through March 15, 2019 you can even apply to win a scholarship to travel this summer to any of our sites around the world.

Check out the opportunities below, we hope to be a part of your next travel adventure!  

SIHF is a four- to eight- week immersion and service program that is designed for undergraduate students pursuing health professions and recent graduates interested in medical school, nursing school, physician assistant, master of public health studies. First and second-year medical students are also welcome. By volunteering through SIHF, you will get a well-rounded and unique perspective into global health, volunteering with other students interested in global health careers and experiencing different aspects including health clinics, community outreach, and a group project. SIHF’s immersive nature gives you a chance to form lasting relationships and make a difference in local communities. SIHF will give you a valuable experience for resumes, medical school applications, or clinical contact hours for applications and will expand your knowledge and perspective on global health and sustainable community development programs. 

2018 SIHFers scrubbing in at Project Huancayo
2018 SIHFers in the DR

The Student Adventure Program (SAP) is a two-week service experience designed for high school students looking to volunteer internationally. Our program is tailored to high-school students, giving you the freedom to explore in a responsible and fun manner while also letting you find out if global health is the right career path for you through exposure to clinics, community outreach efforts, and structured community immersion paired with weekend adventures.

Sustainable Gardens at Project Anconcito
Health Education Class in Ecuador

Spring break season is one of the busiest times of year for FIMRC, with student-led groups making a difference at all nine of our sites around the world. We can help you customize your spring break travel plans to meet your school schedule and your group’s needs, but hurry, spring break travel slots fill up fast!

Waterfall Excursion
Painting the Facility

Third- and fourth-year medical, physician assistant, nursing, and pharmacy students looking to gain global health experience can complete an elective clinical rotation with FIMRC. This unique program takes a threefold approach to understanding health infrastructure in resource-limited settings, giving participants a multidimensional perspective into medicine across several institutional settings, such as government-run hospitals or clinics, local health posts, and FIMRC clinics. Our team can even tailor CHIRP rotations to meet participants’ academic needs and personal goals as well as specific school requirements.

Dental Campaign in India
Heart Sounds

No matter when, where, or how long you’re hoping to volunteer abroad, our Global Health Volunteer Program is always an option! We welcome volunteers from all walks of life. No major or career path is necessary to make a difference, just the willingness to give back to a community in need. Individual volunteers, as well as groups, are welcome to travel at any time and for any length of time. We maintain staffing at each site devoted to leading programming as well as volunteer activities, so you work side-by-side with staff members and medical professionals who are on the front lines of providing health care to communities in need. 

All FIMRC programs are structured to ensure volunteers contribute in meaningful, sustainable ways and are an integral component of our goal to bring long-term change to underserved communities around the globe. Read more about all of our project sites as you get your passports ready!



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