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Volunteer Experience: Bringing Smiles and Making a Difference in Project Kodaikanal, India

“I have always been fascinated by medicine and helping others brings a warmth to my soul that could not be brought about in any other way, that’s why I chose to volunteer with FIMRC.” Shannan Lowe gives her inside perspective on volunteering at FIMRC’s Project Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, India.

Posted on July 24, 2019 and filed under India, Project Kodaikanal, FIMRC Stories, GHVP.

Cookstoves in Rural India Making Headlines

Our cookstove chimney project in Kodaikanal, India has been clearing out the smoke in homes for three years now. A few weeks ago we began seeing news articles throughout Indian media sources talking about pollution, respiratory health, and (you guessed it) cookstoves in rural homes! Here's a look into Project Kodaikanal's chimney project, and new developments in related research studies.