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Our Most Common Volunteer Travel Questions, Answered!

Getting ready to travel abroad with us this summer? We want to make sure that our volunteers feel as prepared as possible so they are comfortable taking that leap of faith and enrolling in an exciting and life-changing volunteer trip! Check out some of our most frequently asked questions and some first-hand experiences from our wonderful volunteers.

We can’t wait for you to join us soon as part of one of our many volunteer opportunities, including our Summer International Health Fellowship (SIHF). Slots are still available for both summer sessions, sign up today or email any time to learn more or ask us anything!

SIHF 2018 Impact Report

Wonder what FIMRC Summer International Health Fellows were up to this summer? Check out this array of community-focused, sustainable health programs led by our amazing Fellows! They dedicated their summers to this long-term Fellowship, and the impact they’ve helped create is nothing short of impressive.

Cookstoves in Rural India Making Headlines

Our cookstove chimney project in Kodaikanal, India has been clearing out the smoke in homes for three years now. A few weeks ago we began seeing news articles throughout Indian media sources talking about pollution, respiratory health, and (you guessed it) cookstoves in rural homes! Here's a look into Project Kodaikanal's chimney project, and new developments in related research studies.