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Volunteering Abroad this Summer - But Where??

You're willing to serve communities on an international service trip. Your next step? Find an opportunity that meets your volunteer goals. Choosing the right travel destination is an important part of finding the right fit. These seven project sites in various countries each offer unique potential to make a lasting impact this summer through the Summer International Health Fellowship!

Building Up Planeta Y Wash

The Planeta Y Wash Program at Project La Merced is a program that educates community members, especially children, about the status of their water, and how a healthy environment leads to a healthy community. Learn about the three stages of development for the program, and how our Field Officer, Gaelle, has helped to move the process along impacting more children!

Boxing Out Inequality

Even with summer vacation upon us, our health agents in Restauración have shown commitment to supporting FIMRC's work. Alongside our SIHFers, they have kept busy preparing workshops like this one to engage their peers in health topics through fun and creative activities. The first session was held two weeks ago and touched on healthy relationships.