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WorldScopes Donates Stethoscopes to FIMRC sites

FIMRC caught wind of AMA's WorldScopes initiative and less than one week later became the lucky recipient of 28 stethoscopes.  "WorldScopes collects stethoscopes from US physicians and distributes them, with the help of humanitarian organizations, to communities around the world where medical supplies are scarce."  These "universal symbols of modern medicine" will be distributed among FIMRC clinics and partner organizations across all six project sites.  We would like to extend a special thanks to the American Medical Association for their generosity. Below are some descriptions of how the stethoscopes are being used as well as some interesting stories about them: Because stethoscopes form the most essential equipment for doctors in Peru and internationally, these tools will be used on a daily basis to respond to the most prevalent illnesses and conditions in these areas of Peru: complications in pregnancies, respiratory illness (from pneumonia to tuberculosis) and finally contagious diseases.  They have been given to the heads of the department in these hospitals in order to ensure that patients are not waiting for care because of a lack of basis supplies. -Peru

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In July and August in Trujillo, Peru there was an outbreak of the Pneumonia Plague at one of the hospitals.  The other major hospital in Trujillo, Hospital Belén, was receiving the majority of the patients from the highlands and lowlands out of a need to quarantine the patients in the other hospital.  This meant that doctors (and their equipment) had to be shared amongst twice the number of patients than usual which meant that equipment such as the stethoscopes were more necessary than ever. -Peru

Around the time we received the stethoscopes we were launching our maternal-child health (MCH) program.  This program consisted of starting community education groups and outreach programs to provide education and medical support to pregnant women and infants in our community. On the first day of our antenatal clinic, we were able to provide our midwife with a new and quality stethoscope from the WorldScopes Program.  She was enthralled to receive such a nice piece of medical equipment and it undoubtedly helped her provide high quality care throughout the day.  It also was a way for us to show her how much we appreciate her work.  This is only a small example, but certainly the rest of our staff felt as appreciated by receiving a nicer piece of medical equipment that most of them have ever been able to use in Uganda. -Uganda

Again, a special thanks to WorldScopes' generous donation!