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Managing Diabetes in the Developing World

Do you know someone living with diabetes? Today, on World Diabetes Day, we focus on this chronic disease that affects over 382 million people across the globe; with half of all sufferers undiagnosed.

Number of people with diabetes (20-79 years), 2013 - International Diabetes Federation

We currently offer support for diabetics at our sites in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua, focusing on preventative education, weight management, and glucose level monitoring. This World Diabetes Day, we highlight our Diabetic Program at Project Limón, Nicaragua, which has achieved tremendous success working in eight communities surrounding the clinic. This video highlights the work of Diabetic Program Coordinator Doña Esmelda and Field Operations Manager Jessica Southern, as they focus on the theme of this year's World Diabetes Day - diabetes prevention and education

Posted on November 14, 2013 and filed under Project Limón, Nicaragua.