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Chaptership Best Practices: Member Retention featuring the University of Pennsylvania

Is your Chapter have a tough time with retention? This semester, the Chaptership Team was able to meet with FIMRC Chapters to discuss what makes their Chapters awesome and what they would like to improve on. A main focus for each Chapter we spoke with was the problem of member retention.

The FIMRC Chapter at the University of Pennsylvania was established three years ago and has proven to be a strong group through their fundraising efforts, traveling to project sites, and local involvement. While visiting UPenn's general body meeting, we noticed that the number of active members has more than doubled in the past year! We interviewed Daniel Weng, the Director of Internal and External Affairs, to see how the addition of FIMRC Families has increased their number of active members!

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Posted on December 6, 2013 and filed under Chapter Highlights, Chaptership.