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FIMRC Fundraising Tips!

Many of our volunteers use our platform, FIMRC Give, to fundraise for their volunteer experience. It's a great tool to share with family and friends to tell them about your trip, our organization, and how they can help! We have compiled a few tips to help you get started with a successful campaign!

  • Choose your "WHY" - Why do you want to partake in this experience? Sharing why you personally want to volunteer and why this experience matters to you will show your commitment to volunteering!
  • Donate to your own page - This may seem weird, but it is proven that people are more willing to donate once they see you've invested in your trip already!
  • Make it personal - Reach out to close friends and family first with personalized e-mails or even snail mail!
  • Add it to Social Media - Almost everyone has Facebook and Instagram so why not promote yourself on your personal pages? Link your FIMRC Give page in your Instagram or Twitter biography!
  • Say thanks! - Make sure your donors feel appreciated! Be sure to say thank you to all donors either on your page or with good old fashion thank you notes!
Posted on November 4, 2015 and filed under GHVP, Chaptership.