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Guest Blog: Kuyas and Ates

Anna Wu is currently participating in the Summer International Health Fellowship (SIHF) in the Philippines. She is a student at the University of Michigan where she serves as President of the FIMRC Chapter, and has spent the months of June and July participating in clinical, educational, and outreach activities to further FIMRC's mission. During her time abroad, Anna has kept a blog to document all she has experienced; she shared one with FIMRC, reflecting on the relationships she's made.

SIHF 2016 Spotlight: Allison Carter

Mulembe! My name is Allison Carter and I participated in SIHF at Project Bududa for 2 months in summer 2016. I had the opportunity to participate in SIHF through the Morehead-Cain Scholarship Foundation at UNC-Chapel Hill. Through my scholarship, I was able to pursue a summer of public service anywhere in the world. Specifically, I chose the Bududa site because of the newly opened maternity ward and the opportunity to aid midwives in births.

SIHF 2016 Impact Report

In order to showcase the accomplishments of our Fellows, we have created a SIHF 2016 Impact Report. While it is impossible to capture the scope of the contributions that were made this summer in just a few short pages, we hope this report helps to highlight the ways in which our Fellows have left an undeniable mark on our sites around the world.

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