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SIHF 2016 Spotlight: Allison Carter

Mulembe! My name is Allison Carter and I participated in SIHF at Project Bududa for 2 months in summer 2016. I had the opportunity to participate in SIHF through the Morehead-Cain Scholarship Foundation at UNC-Chapel Hill. Through my scholarship, I was able to pursue a summer of public service anywhere in the world. Specifically, I chose the Bududa site because of the newly opened maternity ward and the opportunity to aid midwives in births.

Empowering Teen Moms

Patrick Kelly, an undergraduate student at Temple University, participated in the Summer International Health Fellowship (SIHF) in July of 2016. During his time in Huancayo, Peru, Patrick worked with several other Fellows on a project aimed at helping teenage mothers improve their self-esteem and creating projects that could help them gain an income. He reflected on his time with the teen moms, explaining how they were able to begin achieving FIMRC's goals.

Fellow Spotlight: Matt O'Keefe

"Project Bumwalukani has truly been an adventure I will never forget. From testing patients for malaria to rafting on the Nile, my two months here were filled with experiences I couldn’t get anywhere else." Matt O'Keafe volunteered during the SIHF Sessions I and II, and wrote this piece reflecting on his experience.