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El Salvador : Site Overview

Project Las Delicias opened in 2008 and has since seen tremendous growth in our clinic, health outreach programs, and Micro Health Insurance Program. Our clinic and staff sees more than 400 patients per month with numbers increasing due to the needs of the community and the clinic's reputation in surrounding communities. We are so excited to share our Site Overview of Project Las Delicias and we can't wait to share more updates once our ten volunteers who are currently on site return! 

Thank you to our staff and volunteers for the footage and to video editors Stephen Giglio and Chris Jacobs for creating this video!

Click here to learn more about Project Las Delicias.

Dominican Republic : Site Overiew

We are excited to present our latest Site Overview video for Project Restauración in the Dominican Republic. In our last video about Project Restauración, we showcased the process of creating a FIMRC project site. We are now pleased to show how much our site has grown and how different the opportunities are for Global Health Volunteers who travel to the Dominican Republic. For those interested in medical missions, we are now running mobile clinics in rural areas of the country. Volunteers are able to observe and assist Dr. Ricardo and see very interesting cases from community members who otherwise are unable to access care as well as shadow in the local hospital. Global Health Volunteers also have the opportunity to participate in our many health education programs including our Diabetes Club, Superman Group for pre-teen boys, and Chicas Maravillas to promote empowerment in young girls in the surrounding areas. Enjoy!

Posted on January 21, 2015 and filed under Recommended Resources, Dominican Republic, Project Restauración.