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Cure your Wanderlust and Make a Difference in 2019

New year, new opportunities to travel! 🗺 Learn more about all the different ways you can satisfy your wanderlust and help improve access to health care for children and families around the world. Volunteer responsibly, with FIMRC!

Global Health Volunteer Spotlight: Brock Willett

Before entering his final year as a nursing student at Oakland University, Brock Willett joined our team in Costa Rica for his second international service trip as a FIMRC Global Health Volunteer. Many students from OU’s FIMRC chapter embarked to serve at Project Alajuelita together. Brock shared some of his personal experiences from this trip.

Guest Blog: Kuyas and Ates

Anna Wu is currently participating in the Summer International Health Fellowship (SIHF) in the Philippines. She is a student at the University of Michigan where she serves as President of the FIMRC Chapter, and has spent the months of June and July participating in clinical, educational, and outreach activities to further FIMRC's mission. During her time abroad, Anna has kept a blog to document all she has experienced; she shared one with FIMRC, reflecting on the relationships she's made.