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A Night of Inspiration at Rutgers University

On Thursday, March 31st, the Rutgers University chapter of FIMRC held a presentation of local and global medical relief accomplishing the mission of FIMRC both locally and abroad. The evening featured student made videos presenting work that RU students have accomplished and performance groups such as the Belly Dance Team, RAPS, and more. The evening of learning and entertainment showcased their chapters outreach to international medical clinics to directly impact the lives of people in those communities. Between the entertainment, valuable information on medical issues in India, Nicaragua, and Peru was presented as well as problems faced medically by citizens living in the neighborhoods around RU.

All proceeds from the event went to directly benefit the Las Delicias site of FIMRC in El Salvador. Specifically, these proceeds contributed to the Expanding Horizons for Salvadoran Youth Project which is a support group for adolescents in Las Delicias. The group is composed of 20 students targeted based on the health, academic, and/or social challenges they face. The goal is not only to improve these students health care, but to teach them to be leaders in their community and continue their education to the university level!

The goals of the night were to connect the audience to real life issues that exist NOW and to help the audience realize they have true POWER to make a change in the world simply by giving of their time and talents.