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SIHF 2018 Impact Report

Wonder what FIMRC Summer International Health Fellows were up to this summer? Check out this array of community-focused, sustainable health programs led by our amazing Fellows! They dedicated their summers to this long-term Fellowship, and the impact they’ve helped create is nothing short of impressive.

A Pro-FRESH-ional Look At Volunteering

My name is Dr. Peter Smith from York, England, and I have just returned from my 8th visit to the FIMRC site in Bududa District, Eastern Uganda. Like many physicians, I have always wanted to work in the developing world but found difficulty in finding work where my skills could complement and add to a situation. When I decided to travel to the developing world I was concerned about working within my capabilities. When I contacted FIMRC I actually expressed an interest in their project in India, however they took a very careful note of my CV and suggested Uganda!

Project Bududa: New Year, New Name!

Many of you may have noticed that Project Bumwalukani has recently changed to Project Bududa. DON'T PANIC! We're still serving the community of Bumwalukani proudly, but there are several reasons why altering the name to Project Bududa fit with our mission. Read below to find out why!