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Nepal : How You Can Help

As you may know, there was a devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday, April 25th, impacting an estimated 8 million people. Any time there is a natural disaster of such magnitude, it can difficult for donors to determine which charity to give to and ensure that their donations are received by those in need. Here are a few quick tips on donating to the disaster relief efforts in Nepal.

  1. Research - With so many non-profits and aid organizations, it can be hard to choose the right fit (and to make sure an organization is legit!). There are resources like Guidestar and Charity Navigator to help you weed out fake organizations.
  2. Send money, not goods - While your donations may be well intentioned, it can be extremely difficult to transport goods like clothes and medicine to the sites in Nepal where they are most needed. Aid will reach those affected much faster if goods can be purchased in country rather than shipped!
  3. Make sure the charity is IN Nepal - Many organizations have sent out relief workers as soon as the news broke of the earthquake, but there are also organizations that are located in Nepal with long-standing relationships within the communities they're serving. Donating to an organization that has sites based in Nepal may ensure that your donation can be used more effectively.

For more information about donating Nepal, check out NPR's article here.

Photo via Oxfam International

Posted on April 29, 2015 .