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National Public Health Week!

Happy National Public Health Week! Prevention is an important factor in FIMRC's mission to provide health care and appropriate resources for underserved children around the world. Our clinic sites offer health education lessons to people of all ages to prevent illness and injury in the communities surrounding our clinic sites. Today begins National Public Health Week in communities across the United States. In 1995, the American Public Health Association declared NPHW as a week of outreach and service in communities to improve health and to recognize the progress of local and national public health efforts.

This year, the theme of NPHW is "Public Health is ROI: Save Lives, Save Money." The week is focused on the importance of prevention in reducing health care costs and portraying public health as a return on investment.

Each day has a specific theme that communities and universities use to teach others about preventing disease and injury.

Daily Themes:

Monday, April 1: Ensuring a Safe, Healthy Home for Your Family: Health and safety begin at home. Make prevention a fun family tradition.

Tuesday, April 2: Providing a Safe Environment for Children at School: Schools are the perfect setting for improving child health. Plus, children's health is a rallying point few can ignore.

Wednesday, April 3: Creating a Healthy Workplace: Wellness and safety in the workplace are good for health and for business. Let's make prevention work for us.

Thursday, April 4: Protecting You While You're on the Move: Safety on the go is often in our own hands, but it's also tied to community design. Together, we can turn our streets into roads to better health.

Friday, April 5: Empowering a Healthy Community: Support public health efforts that create healthy opportunities for all. Good health is a community affair.

How is your community or university celebrating National Public Health Week?

For more information about NPHW events, visit

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