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Take the Leap

So you see, what had happened was, I needed a change. I quit my job to go volunteer in the Dominican Republic... in a community that has limited electricity and running water, and almost never any hot water. What on earth was I thinking?! After months of debating with myself, I finally gave myself permission to take the leap, and dare to do something different. What I was about to embark on was risky and uncomfortable, which was not me at all.

In the Eyes of a Pediatrician

"I am so honored to write this blog post and share with you all the impact FIMRC had on me becoming a pediatrician!" Tina Tarazi began her career path to becoming a physician as a FIMRC Chapter member and Global Health Volunteer. The lessons she learned through her involvement with FIMRC have played an important role throughout her journey in medicine. 

Guest Blog: Leadership in Medicine

Medical students from Michigan State University, Chris and Lauren, have been spending time completing one of their medical rotations in Ecuador at Project Anconcito! During their time here they've been able to focus on providing access to address the malnutrition and anemia concerns within the community. Overall, they will have spent a month and a half at the project site, providing their expertise but also gaining new perspectives in community development through medicine. Read their blog post below to learn about their experience.