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It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Calabuiza Festival, Tonacatapeque, El Salvador 2011
Calabuiza Festival, Tonacatapeque, El Salvador 2011

Hi, there! Maithri here, as usual. The holidays are fast approaching, and while the current weather here in El Salvador is not quiiiite the same as say, FIMRC headquarters in Philadelphia, the spirit of giving and warmth and love sort of transcends in spite of little things called climate :-).

I know it's been a while since we've had a post here, but I want to thank those of you that do check in with us at The FIMRC blog from time to time. We're working away on ensuring that this blog is an outlet for anyone and everyone who is connected to FIMRC to share their experience, and it's really my hope that things will continue to move in this direction so we can keep the momentum within the FIMRC family going to make the impact we seek to make. All for the sake of the beloved children whose lives we hope to improve!

Anyway, please stay tuned to this blog, our twitter, and our facebook as the holiday season is upon us. And I know I promised more blog posts in October, but BELIEVE me when I say there will be more this month...right, current FIMRC ambassadors? I'll even make sure you hear about my time here with Project Las Delicias here in El's been pretty great so far!

Thanks for reading and please continue doing so.