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Flood Relief Update from Nicaragua

Surprises come in many forms. Almost 2 months ago, Tropical Storm Nate's devastating power was unanticipated in Nicaragua. Families have wow'd us with their resiliency after losing everything. Generous donors have given communities, whom they've never met, a chance to rebuild their lives. Two months later, we're reflecting on events that have helped families get back on their feet.

Week 2: A Shift in Flood Relief Efforts

It has been two weeks since Tropical Storm Nate hit Project Limón and its surrounding communities. Families lost nearly everything, but have refused to give up. They're rebuilding their lives and are helping each another through the process. Our efforts in Nicaragua have shifted from immediate disaster relief, to supporting sustainable solutions for our most at-risk families.

Tropical Storm Nate at Project Limón

On October 5th Tropical Storm Nate hit our communities in Nicaragua at Project Limón. Floods have damaged homes, destroyed crops, and have left communities with many challenges to face in the months ahead. Many families have lost everything, but continue to press forward thanks to support from their neighbors, FIMRC, and you!