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Video Blog from Project La Merced, Peru

2017's #GivingTuesday is just one week away! All donations made on November 28th will benefit Project La Merced in Peru. If you haven't already met these important staff members on site, we're highlighting them through video testimonials. Get acquainted and don't forget to donate one week from today, on Facebook or

FIMRC Fundraising Tips!

Many of our volunteers use our platform, FIMRC Give, to fundraise for their volunteer experience. It's a great tool to share with family and friends to tell them about your trip, our organization, and how they can help! We have compiled a few tips to help you get started with a successful campaign!

  • Choose your "WHY" - Why do you want to partake in this experience? Sharing why you personally want to volunteer and why this experience matters to you will show your commitment to volunteering!
  • Donate to your own page - This may seem weird, but it is proven that people are more willing to donate once they see you've invested in your trip already!
  • Make it personal - Reach out to close friends and family first with personalized e-mails or even snail mail!
  • Add it to Social Media - Almost everyone has Facebook and Instagram so why not promote yourself on your personal pages? Link your FIMRC Give page in your Instagram or Twitter biography!
  • Say thanks! - Make sure your donors feel appreciated! Be sure to say thank you to all donors either on your page or with good old fashion thank you notes!
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FIMRC Chapter Awards : Spring 2014

After much deliberation, we are excited to announce this year's FIMRC Chapter Award winners, as decided by the Chaptership Team and the FIMRC Extraordinary Members, as decided by Chapter members!

FIMRC Chapter Awards Winners

Most International Volunteer Participation: 

• Clemson University: for their Global Health Volunteer trips to the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua for spring break

Most Creative Fundraisers

• University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse: for the “Pie your RA” fundraiser

• University of Sydney: for the "Parks and Recreation" themed "Treat Yo'Self (for charity)" barbecue and "Give me all the bacon and eggs you have" breakfast fundraiser

• University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: for their 5K race benefitting the Water Filter Adopt a Project for Project Limón

•  Roger Williams University: for the "So You Think Your Professor Can Dance" event

Most Creative Recruitment Event:

• Temple University: for the Pre-Health Resource Fair recruiting table

Best Use of Social Media #FIMRC:

• University of Toronto: for their use of Instagram (@fimrcuoft)

• Rutgers University: for their use of Instagram (@fimrcru)

• University of Pennsylvania: for use of graphics and designs (and Beyoncé) on their Facebook page

• UC Berkeley: for their beautiful new website

Most Successful Fundraising:

• University of Michigan: Scholarship Silent Auction & Mr. Michigan

Best In-chapter Social Events: 

• University of Wisconsin-Madison: for their team building, trivia nights, and socials

Best Community Outreach: 

• University of Georgia: for their after-school health education groups at local schools

•  Indiana University of Pennsylvania: for their bingo nights at a local nursing home

Best Campus Collaboration:

• Brown University: for their collaborations with other organizations at Brown to aid in fundraising and promotion of their FIMRC Chapter

Best Community Education Event:

• Brandeis University: for their tables and promotion of National Public Health Week

• McGill Univeristy: for their Panel Discussion on Global Health and Climate Change

• Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center-School of Pharmacy: for their Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day Party

Best New Member Retention:

• The College of New Jersey: for continuing to engage Global Health Volunteers after they have traveled

Best New Chapters (we couldn't just choose one!):

• University of Iowa

• Trinity College

• Virginia Commonwealth University

Shout out to the following Chapters who participated in the Global Health Volunteer Program this year

• Penn State University • UNC at Chapel Hill • Georgia Tech University • Michigan State University • The College of New Jersey • Brandeis University • Clemson University • Trinity University •  Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center-School of Pharmacy • UCLA • University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse •  Virginia Tech • Roger Williams University • 


Extraordinary FIMRC Chapter Members

Clemson University: Colleen Cooper and Kendall Vinson

Colleen and Kendall are both freshmen who joined FIMRC in the Fall and have dedicated countless hours to helping our chapter succeed this year. Throughout this past year they have attended fundraising events, as well as dedicated many of their weekends to volunteer by participating in our local projects. After their first FIMRC trip this Spring Break to the DR they both chose to run for executive positions in Clemson FIMRC.  I am excited to announce that they both were elected and in the coming year, Colleen will be our Director of Fundraising, and Kendall our Web Manager and Blogger. We are excited and encouraged by their enthusiasm and dedication to FIMRC's mission and can't wait to see how much they contribute to our organization in the years to come.

Michigan State: Michael Kain

Michael displays displayed great enthusiasm for volunteering at Project Alajuetia this year, and shows willingness to tackle bigger goals as en executive board member this coming fall. We are excited to see what he accomplishes for our chapter.

University of Wisconsin Madison: Anneka Barrow

Anneka was a wonderful addition to the executive board and chapter as a whole by being engaged with other members, participating in several events and by keeping our members involved and up-to date in her role.

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse: Rachel Madison

Rachel has been an outstanding general assembly member this first semester of our chapter’s existence. She has helped organize our Pie Your RA programs, as well as helped set up and organize the program in a second hall. Outside of her leadership role in this program she has volunteered at every other program we have put on this semester, attended every general assembly meeting and contributed consistently with great ideas during these meetings as well as thought of future program ideas. In addition she has reached out to a connection of hers in our local school district for future volunteer opportunities for our club! Rewarded for her hard work this semester she has been elected as our chapters Director of Advertisement and Publicity for the 2014-2015 school year and well begin her term in May.

IMED at UC-Irvine: Christopher Price

As our Orphanage Trip Coordinator he designed and launched IMEDs very first Orphanage video. Through the use of CrowdRise and with the full support of the board he was able to publish a video that was shared throughout the club, on social media, emailed to friends and family, etc. He began the spread of charity and with this great project, IMED raised close to $1000 to sponsor the continuation of dormitory construction.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania: Erica Lieb

Erica served as this years Director of Advertisement and Alumni. He was a senior nursing student with a lot of work on her plate, yet she constantly helped to organize our chapter. She helped with meetings, volunteering, and bringing in new members. She will definitely be missed next year. 


Congratulations to all Chapters on a fantastic semester!

Interested in starting a FIMRC Chapter? Email Abi at to get started!


Wondering how we selected the Chapter Award winners? At the end of each semester, each FIMRC Chapter submits a Semester Report Form to share their experiences from the past semester with FIMRC HQ. We take the information provided throughout the year and the entire Chaptership Team votes on each category. We love reading about each Chapter's successes from the past semester and suggestions for improvement for next semester. 

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