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MSU medical students make a lasting impact at Project Huancayo

This January, FIMRC welcomed seventeen medical students from Michigan State University doing their rotations at four of our project sites: Peru, Nicaragua, Uganda, and the Dominican Republic. While the med students are gaining invaluable experience by completing their rotations through our Comparative Health Immersion Rotation Program (CHIRP) in the developing world, they are also leaving a lasting impression of the communities they are serving. 

In addition to working with patients, observing physicians, and planning and implementing health outreach curriculum, the MSU students at Project Peru - Huancayo have been able to equip the Serenazgo (the city's security guards) with first-aid training. After collaborating with site coordinator Natalia, the students decided to train the guards with skills such as CPR, the Heimlich maneuver for adults and children, trauma, intoxication and electrocution, and emergency labor and delivery. The training received by the Serenazgo will allow them to be seen not only as security for the city, but as an officially recognized team of first responders as well! 

It is hard to say how many will be positively affected by the Serenazgo's new skill set, but it is apparent that the impression left by the MSU students will greatly impact the citizens of Huancayo in emergency situations. The lessons were so well received that the students will be offering future lessons and the team was interviewed for a local television station in Huancayo! 

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Posted on February 7, 2014 and filed under FIMRC Stories, Project Peru, Peru.