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FOM Summit: November 17-20, 2011

A map at HQ that indicates where our project sites are located around the globe!

A map at HQ that indicates where our project sites are located around the globe!

Hi, everyone! It is my sincere hope that you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and that you're now recovered from the food coma that one often experiences on such a holiday. If you tune into our Facebook page, as you should from time to time, you will have seen a sneak preview of some pictures last Monday from FIMRC's Field Operations Manager (FOM) Summit that was hosted in Philadelphia on November 17-20, 2011.  The summit focused on the work we do in our Latin American project sites, and was a great success! Here are some more pictures so you can get a behind the scenes view of how things really went.


Project Las Delicias FOM Marloes Nijboer and Program Manager Eduardo Quevedo, Project Limón Field Operations Specialist Caroline McGee, and Project Peru FOM Haley Kerr all flew in from their respective sites to join FIMRC HQ staff and our Board of Directors for 3 full days devoted to project planning and management, strategizing for the future and honing best practices, and sharing ideas and thoughts for how to ensure that FIMRC is capitalizing on the strengths that our staff encompasses.

Some highlights of the Summit included presentations from each FOM about the status of the projects currently, and presentations from FIMRC President and Founder Dr. Vikram Bakhru, FIMRC CEO Meredith Mick, CPO and Board Of Directors member Stacy Wallick, Director of Central Operations John Bova, Vice President of Financial Affairs Evan Kirkley, and Director of Volunteer Programs and Global Operations Anna DiColli.

In addition to covering all aspects of FIMRC-ranging from a session on our Global Health Volunteer Program to focuses on our Latin American project sites to a review of our website and some of our social media outlets, time was also made for some great brainstorming sessions, especially in the way of monitoring and evaluating our current programs.

And of course, everyone got to know each other just a little bit better with fun times like having dinner together at CEO Meredith Mick's place and bowling, too!

Just a quick glimpse at how we at FIMRC work together as a tight-knit group to ensure that our projects and programs are getting the attention and care that they require to really make an impact on the communities that we serve.

Thanks for reading, and PLEASE keep up with our blog this week...we've got a Holiday Campaign this year that we'll be launching beginning on December 1st! So stay tuned...

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