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Guest Blog: Volunteering with Project Limón

Alicia Ryberg volunteered long-term with FIMRC through a sabbatical with her organization, Charles River. Throughout her time at Project Limón, Alicia participated in many FIMRC programs, and truly became a part of the FIMRC family on site. Learn about how she brought her passions and applied them in a completely new setting!

Volunesia: The Filipino Way

Andrew Roberts is a retired hospital administrator and US Navy serviceman. He has spent his life in the health field, helping to ensure care provided is to the best quality possible. He shares a collection of pictures, as well as some of the most important lessons he learned during his time volunteering at Project Cavite.

FIMRC: A Very Good Place To Start

My service to FIMRC was originally 1 month, but turned into 6. I wanted to actually PRODUCE something tangible and make an impact. Every assignment in my life before that was theory based papers. I created a 6 week teen pregnancy prevention program with the help of Dr. Stedem and Tatiana. I ran the program with 2 different groups. This was a profound experience and I ended up staying in Costa Rica until May 2015 teaching English. I learned to speak Spanish fluently and found my calling, physical therapy, while I was down there.