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Happy Earth Day from FIMRC!

Happy Earth Day! A contributing factor of health at many of our project sites is the environment, so we do our best to prevent waste and educate community members about the importance of proper trash disposal and recycling!

At Project Limón, we are currently working with trash collection agency of the municipality of Las Salinas and six local elementary schools to implement a recycling program in the community. Our staff and volunteers have been working on creating recycling bins and trash cans for the community out of discarded plastic bottles. Each school will receive four receptacles along with a series of education sessions from our Community Outreach Coordinator about the importance of recycling and how to separate garbage from recyclables! 

We are excited to increase the knowledge of recycling and do our part help save the planet! We are also implementing a similar recycling program at Project La Merced, Peru! 

Posted on April 22, 2015 and filed under Project Limón, Nicaragua.