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This Bag Saves Lives

We are so excited (watch this video of Kristen Bell reacting to a sloth for reference) to be partnering with our friends at This Bag Saves Lives! While the bars are focused on treating and preventing malnutrition (you can pick them up at Whole Foods or online!), they have launched a line of bags! The first bag for This Bag Saves Lives was co-designed by Kristen Bell and will benefit the community at Project Bumwalukani in Uganda by providing life-saving Artisun for treatment of severe malaria cases. For each bag sold, our clinic will receive a vial of Artisun to treat malaria. 

We use this injectable treatment because the Ministry of Health, in agreement with the World Health Organization, has found that Artesunate (Artesun) is the most successful first-line medication in treating many cases of malaria prevalent and endemic to Uganda. Quinine derivatives that used to be effective in the area are no longer recommended due to drug resistance. Artesunate is now the gold standard for treating severe malaria, and we are thrilled that This Bar Saves Lives has chosen FIMRC in our fight to bring quality care to underserved communities across the globe. 

To purchase a bag to provide this life saving medicine, visit This Bar Saves Lives.

To learn more about Artesun and information on malaria treatments, visit here, here, and here.

Posted on January 28, 2015 .