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Chapter Awards : 2014-2015

Each semester, FIMRC Chapters submit their Semester Report Forms to let the Chaptership Team know about all of their hard work throughout the school year. We love reading highlights from their FIMRC trips, local volunteering, fundraising, and advocating for global health on campus! We chose the following winners based off of the Semester Report Form submissions.

And the Winners Are...

The Chapter Social We Want to Attend 
University of Wisconsin – Madison for their Murder Mystery Social

Best Collaboration on Campus 
Temple University with the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Drive

Best Advocacy (tie) 
University of Pennsylvania for Women’s Health Awareness Week
Manhattan Community Chapter for their partnership in raising awareness for international disaster relief

Most Successful Fundraiser 
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for their 5k to raise money for the Orphan and Vulnerable Children Garden in Uganda

Most Adopt-a-Projects Fully Fundraised 
Clemson University for raising over $3,000 for Adopt-a-Projects at three project sites

Best Local Volunteering (tie) 
Rowan SOM-GSBS for the volunteering at Voorhees Pediatric Hospital
University of Arkansas for their literary campaign at a local school
University of Wisconsin- La Crosse for volunteering at a local kindergarten

Best Chapter Bonding (tie) 
McGill University for their Tamil classes
UCLA FIMRC for their Medical Spanish Workshop

Best Presence Abroad (tie) 
Roger Williams University for maxing out Project La Merced and Project Limón 
IMED and University of California-Irvine for their volunteer work in Mexico
Notre Dame for their partnership with Project Peru and becoming pen pals with students at Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano

Putting the FUN in Fundraising (tie) 
University of Toronto for their Hot Dog Eating Contest (YUM)
University of Michigan for the all-male pageant, Mr. Michigan
Rutgers University for their Zumba event to raise money for Project Alajuelita

Most Supply Donations 
Harvard University for getting donations for project sites from local hospitals

Best New Chapters 
Purdue University, Florida Atlantic University, Western Washington University, Queen's University, University of Texas-Austin

Best Chapter Resource 
Georgia Tech for their comprehensive guide on traveling to Project La Merced

Traveling Chapters 
Iowa Chapter, UNC-Chapel Hill, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Chapter of the Year 
Texas Tech University Health Science Center – School of Pharmacy

We are excited to announce our Chapter of the Year, TTUHSC-SOP for all of their amazing work during the 2014-2015 school year. This chapter embodies all of the FIMRC Chaptership Program’s core values including local volunteering, advocating for global health issues, traveling to FIMRC project sites, and fundraising! Congratulations to the TTUHSC-SOP Chapter for another successful school year!


Extraordinary Chapter Members

Clemson University
Sarah Stafford excelled as our Director of International Projects this year and single handedly organized our spring trips to Costa Rica and Nicaragua for 15 FIMRC members. In the madness that is airfare and international travel, Sarah did a great job of updating trip members about changes in prices and helped organized a dinner to help trip members bond before traveling. Sarah’s excitement and dedication to our cause was evident not only in these efforts but in her attendance at club meeting, concessions and local events. Clemson FIMRC is so thankful for all of Sarah’s work this year!

Florida Atlantic University
David Lucien and Guillermo Sawai nominated by President Mckenzie Merritt for their continued perseverance. 

Roger Williams University
Every Chapter member for the 2014-2015 school year!

Rutgers University
Miloni Parekh has been on the executive board for two years now and is going into her third year with us. She will be serving as Co-president for the academic year 2015-2016 and everyone on the board can agree that she deserves this position 100%. These past two years, Miloni has not only been extraordinarily dedicated to the Rutgers FIMRC chapter, she has also gone above and beyond to make sure every single general body member feels welcomed into our chapter. Miloni is an amazing, dedicated, and truly inspiring young lady and I know she will go far in life. We are all excited to see what she will do for the Rutgers Chapter as their Co-President next year.

University of Toronto
Nada Radulovic has been one of our events and fundraising executives and has demonstrated outstanding leadership and dedication to organizing most of the fundraising events.

University of Wisconsin – Madison
Ben Sperstad has been a wonderful member within our student organization. He always is willing to help out, get involved and does it all with a great attitude. He truly embodies FIMRC UW-Madison.

This concludes our 2014-2015 Chaptership Awards! Thank you to all of our chapters for another wonderful year and congratulations to all of the winners!


Chapter Awards Press Release

Extraordinary Member Awards Press Release

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Chapter Awards - Fall 2014

We are pleased to announce our Fall 2014 Chapter Awards Winners! At the end of each semester, we sort through all of our Semester Report Forms from the previous semester to determine the winner of each category. Thank you to all of our Chapters for the amazing work they've done this semester - we can't wait to see what's in store for 2015!

Best Holiday Event – University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Halloween Run at the Madison Zoo

Best Local Volunteering –

·      Rowan SOM-GSBS volunteering at Teddy Bear Clinic at the local children’s hospital

·      University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign for Provena Memory Bear Project

·      UNC-Chapel Hill  for volunteering with the Pediatric Unit at UNC Hospital

·      McGill for their winter clothing drive for women and children in Montreal

·     The College of New Jersey for their work with Homefront where they worked to end homelessness in the Trenton, New Jersey area

Best Use of FIMRC Give – University of Wisconsin – La Crosse for raising $1,666 for latrines in the Dominican Republic

Best Recruiting – Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center – School of Pharmacy for their Back to School Barbecue (including having a professor participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge)!

Best On Campus Advocacy –

·      University of Pennsylvania’s campaign to raise awareness about Diabetes

·      University of Toronto for their booth promoting awareness at their World AIDS Day conference

·       Brandeis for their "Food for Thought" Event

Best Local Education Efforts –

·      University of Georgia for working with a local school to teach health education

·      Harvard for teaching health education every other week at a local elementary school

Largest Chapter – Sydney University with over 300 Chapter members!

Best Fundraising Effort - Georgia Tech for their Hot Chocolate fundraiser

Most Projects Adopted – Clemson University with five adopted projects for Peru, Nicaragua, and El Salvador

Best International Involvement –

·      Notre Dame for their translating and database work for Project Peru

·      Rutgers for their health kits for Project Limón

·      Roger Williams University for PERSONALLY bringing their Adopt a Project mosquito nets to Project Restauración

·    University of Arkansas for fully fundraising for their Adopt-a-Project to provide clinical supplies to Project Kodaikanal

Traveling Chapters –

·      Brown University

·      Temple University

·      Iowa Chapter

·      Missouri State University

·     Indiana University of Pennsylvania

New Chapters –

·      University of Connecticut

·      Florida Atlantic University

·      Western Washington University      

 ·     George Washington University 


Extraordinary FIMRC Chapter Members

University of Wisconsin – Madison : Asami Sakai! She always has an awesome attitude and loves to volunteer and support our fundraisers!


Rutgers University : Shruti Patel! This is Shruti's first year on the Executive Board and she has done an amazing job at organizing our community outreach activities. You can definitely tell she is passionate about helping others and her dedication to FIMRC has been very inspiring. She is very reliable and much appreciated on the board!


Clemson University : Kendall Vinson! Kendall has participated in every concessions the past 2 years. She also fulfills her role as an Executive Board member without needed to be reminded or prompted. Kendall embodies the spirit of FIMRC with her outstanding attitude, kindness to others, and desire to serve.


IMED at UC-Irvine : Heta Patel! Heta is the Publicity and Outreach Coordinator has been an exceptional IMED member. Before she was a board member, she participated in last year's global medical trip during Spring Break! 


University of Toronto : Jeebyol! Jeebyol  demonstrates exceptional leadership in coordinating committee members on volunteering events, - exhibits genuine enthusiasm and dedication.


Roger Williams University : Dr. Autumn Quezada-Grant & Dr. Kerri Warren! Kerri Warren and Autumn Quezada-Grant, for all that they do. They bend over backwards, stay up all night getting stuff together, and answer my frantic calls, as we try to build this club more and more every day. Without them, well one, I would go absolutely insane, but also, RWU FIMRC would not be the same. They deserve endless recognition that they would never ask for, but they deserve nonetheless, for they truly hold this chapter together and make us proud to be a part of it.


University of Wisconsin – La Crosse :  Justin Theriault! Justin has been a part of the executive board since our chapters founding and was a leader of our first ever trip this past summer. Justin has always shown a great ability to lead and consistently contributes to our general assembly and executive board meetings in a much larger quantity that simply as the treasurer. He keeps up to date and accurate books and we will miss him dearly as he moves on to PT school after this Spring 2015 semester.

Fall 2014 Extraordinary Member Winner : Skyler Hying
of University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, nominated by Rachel Madison

Skyler as so much passion for our club and pours this enthusiasm into all he does. Being with this club since it’s beginning, I saw the start of Skyler’s excitement build as he had found this organization online. He immediately started contacting our University staff and within a week had started the process of starting our UW La Crosse chapter. He was determined to make this a success by contacting peers to come on board. He recruited at other organizations meetings, always mentioned this new opportunity to classmates and professors alike. Shortly, he had cultivated an enormous interest in this club, and with an exec board intact he had overwhelming attendance at the first meeting. Skyler made this club a possibility on our campus, without his drive and determination we would never had the successful start that we did.

Starting our second official semester in September of 2014, Skyler didn’t let his passion subside; he kept pushing, knowing our club could accomplish great things. A 12-hour dance a thon became our next goal as a club. Skyler led our members through encouragement, direction, and overall pride knowing what we could do for kids around the world. Countless hours went into our planning, Skyler pouring every bit of free time he had into the success of the event. When the day came, I have never witnessed such strong leadership, motivation, confidence, and professionalism that Skyler showed. Our campus had never had an event like this, but with all of the hard work through planning and advertising, he was sure that this would be an amazing day. Skyler was very right. Our club raised over $1,500 dollars toward our adopt a project.

Skyler worked so hard towards the success of this event, but showered the congratulations on the success toward the club, not taking any credit for himself. He hasn’t stopped there. Skyler has already been planning our events for our current semester, coming up with ways to make next years (yes he already knows we are doing it again!) dance a thon even better! Skyler is a leader, passionate, and truly deserving recognition for all he does as an extraordinary member for FIMRC.


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