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Alumna Reflection: Gurleen Samra on Chaptership & Project Alajuelita

Gurleen Samra, a Biological Sciences student at UC Irvine, weighs in on her experience with FIMRC. As an active chapter member, she regularly participates in local volunteer work. This September she embarked with fellow chapter members to serve in Costa Rica through our Global Health Volunteer Program. She's now sharing her experiences, photos, and take-aways from Project Alajuelita.

Guest Blog: Kuyas and Ates

Anna Wu is currently participating in the Summer International Health Fellowship (SIHF) in the Philippines. She is a student at the University of Michigan where she serves as President of the FIMRC Chapter, and has spent the months of June and July participating in clinical, educational, and outreach activities to further FIMRC's mission. During her time abroad, Anna has kept a blog to document all she has experienced; she shared one with FIMRC, reflecting on the relationships she's made.

How To Give Back

So many of our volunteers gain so much more than they ever expected by traveling with FIMRC. In addition to the medical exposure, they form lasting relationships with FIMRC staff, community members, and other volunteers. Volunteers learn about a different culture, different families, different ways of problem solving. Even just a week at a FIMRC project site can leave quite the imprint on your heart, and impact so much of your future. So, what can you do when the experience leaves more of an impact on you than you could have anticipated?