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Kicking Things Up a Notch

Hello, FIMRC World. We at FIMRC really want you, our greatest supporters, to know what's going on firsthand at each of our project sites.

Kodaikanal FOM Arun
Kodaikanal FOM Arun

For example, here's a recent post (picture included) on our Facebook page, compliments of GHVP Manager Nikos Petrides: "India FOM Arun and Fulbright Scholar Bryant show their dedication to communicating with HQ - 4 cell phones pictured plus the phone used to take the photo (5 in total) were all used to try and communicate with HQ staff this morning. Now that's dedication...and a true example of the challenges field staff face in the field!"

(Thanks, Nikos!)

And thanks to the collaborative efforts of our field staff (it's certainly an effort on their part sometimes) and Headquarters, we'll be making a valiant effort to let you know about new initiatives in place in Uganda, Adopt-A-Project efforts in Peru, or even about a particular volunteer experience in India, Costa, Rica, Nicaragua, or El Salvador.

Stay tuned for more pictures, more updates, and more feedback from all of us at FIMRC. We want you to be as involved as we are!

Oh, and did you see our new blogroll (to the right)? If you've got a relevant blog tip that you'd like us to keep tabs on, contact me using the form and I'll make sure to take a look. We'll be cross-posting from time to time too, just to keep things interesting.

Have a wonderful weekend, and keep looking for new updates, posts, and pictures!